Digital User Experience

Create a positive user experience when working on the go

Work just as well from anywhere as you do in the office

Mobile working needs to be secure. No question about it. But it also needs to be user-friendly. Because nothing reduces employee productivity and satisfaction more than too complex authentication methods, problems with passwords, poor connections, a lack of access and media disruptions. And on top of that, all of this also creates a considerable amount of extra work for your IT and thus leads to significant additional costs.

Put the focus on user experience and make sure your digital workplace always delivers a positive user experience. No matter where your colleagues are or which device they use. They should always be able to work just as well as they do in the office and execute relevant processes just as well with their smartphone and tablet as they do with their laptop or desktop computer. Because that also makes your IT department’s job easier and reduces the number of requests to the help desk enormously.

We show you how you can achieve this. Our solutions ensure, for example, that your employees can authenticate themselves easily and securely, manage their passwords independently, and rely on a smooth connection during video conferences. We work with you to implement these and many other benefits.

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Efficient eSIM Management

Distributing and managing eSIMs can be a challenge. We show you, how you can quickly and easily assign an eSIM to a mobile device, activate it, or withdraw it if necessary – all remotely. This saves companies a lot of effort and avoids high costs.

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The mobile corporate address book for iOS

On mobile devices, finding contact information of your colleagues is often not that easy and incoming calls are often displayed without a name. We show you how EBF Contacts helps you to view relevant contact data and identify internal callers. Manual maintenance of contact data becomes redundant.

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Convenient and secure printing from iOS devices

Although we print less and less in the times of digitalization, we can't and do not want to do without it completely. Instead, we even have to meet increased standards. We can show you how you can send print jobs via iOS devices to your company's print infrastructure in a secure and convenient way, and only print them once the user has authenticated himself at the printer.

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Smooth video conferencing

Even if network connections are poor or if you change networks, you can ensure seamless audio and video quality in web conferences. We show you how to avoid disconnections and provide a productive environment.

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User-friendly authentication and password handling

Secure authentication to applications and services doesn't have to be complex and involve annoying processes for your users and IT. We show you how to balance security and user convenience and provide a Single Sign-On option on all devices and enable your employees to independently reset and change passwords on their mobile device.

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