Mobile Security

High security standards for mobile devices and company data

Cyber attacks a growing threat to businesses

Can you imagine a working day without your mobile devices? They offer increased flexibility and agility, make you more productive and more efficient, and are a key part of the digital workplace – the workplace of the future. And yet they don’t come without risks: we must never forget that they allow us to access sensitive user and company data, and as such they need to be protected. Not least for data protection and compliance reasons, which are even more important after the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Then there’s the growing number of cyberattacks to consider. There’s no doubt that data is an attractive target for hackers – and one which is now very much on the radar of criminals.

Companies can suffer huge financial losses, to say nothing of significant damage to their reputation, as a result of data protection or compliance breaches and cyberattacks. No wonder that companies regard good security solutions as a non-negotiable part of their business strategy.

Effective mobile security solutions to guarantee greater security

Enterprise mobile security is becoming more and more important. We can offer you a range of solutions to help you protect your data, prevent unintentional data sharing, protect your mobile devices from external attacks, and initiate prompt countermeasures in case you fall victim to an attack.

Why are mobile devices such a risk?

  • Lack of mobile security expertise
  • Fewer security precautions
  • Use outside company networks
  • Private and professional use of devices
  • Difficulties to identify attacks
  • Increasing quality of attacks
  • Increasing numbers of access points for cyberattacks
  • User errors due to a lack of security awareness or inadequate knowledge in this field

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