My job as a System and Network Administrator: We work as a team, not as individuals

EBF makes mastering new challenges – as part of a team rather than in isolation – a reality. At EBF, our team members spend their days handling fascinating cases relating to enterprise mobility – an ever-changing field, where teamwork wins the day. Working as part of a team allows our colleagues to develop their skills and ensures that we can offer clients a truly reliable service – based on state-of-the-art technology, of course. In an interview with Markus Domas, you will learn how the System and Network Administrator team faces up to the challenges that come their way.

What exactly does a System and Network Administrator do?

Our System and Network Administrators are responsible for the hosting infrastructure where we provide mobility solutions for our clients. They keep a close eye on infrastructure availability, security, and maintenance so that our clients can always depend on high system performance levels. In other words, they play a critical role in the customer satisfaction process.

In specific terms, their day-to-day tasks include organizing our IT infrastructure (Windows Server, Active Directory, Linux Server, VPN), plus configuring and managing virtualized environments (VMware), load balancers, and firewalls. Monitoring IT systems and documentation also form part of the System and Network Administrators’ role, along with the associated reports and records. System and Network Administrators are also responsible for designing, implementing, and standardizing new central services.

What’s the best thing about your work?

“I love the fact that this job is just so diverse. There’s never a dull day: there’s always something new to challenge you, or new tasks to get your teeth into.”

Are there any particular challenges associated with your job?

"Flexibility and communication. In technical areas, especially, it’s often quite challenging to get clients on board and explain technical concepts to them so that they understand what we mean.“

What's your team like?

"We laugh a lot, but also have excellent technical knowledge, and a sensitive side, which helps when we’re training new staff members. These are just a few of our coping mechanisms. The main thing is that we work as a team, not as individuals, when we’re dealing with challenging technical problems.“

Why do you enjoy working for your current company?

"EBF has a transparent and honest corporate culture, with the emphasis on short decision-making processes. This means that it’s easy to feel you’re making a difference. They are also extremely keen on personal development and further training.“

Why would you recommend EBF as an employer?

"EBF still has the mindset of a startup company. You get the impression that you can achieve a great deal – and you really know you’re appreciated. In fact, EBF not only values individual achievements, but also the work of the entire EBF team – and that’s exactly how they make you feel.“

What qualifications and attributes does a System and Network Administrator need?

  • They need an educational background in IT or a comparable qualification
  • They must be reliable, quick on the uptake, and have a structured approach to work
  • They should be very customer and service-oriented
  • Experience in server and network administration (Windows and Linux Servers)
  • They should ideally have some knowledge of FortiGate or Cisco firewall administration
  • They need very good knowledge of German and good English skills

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