My job as an IT Support-Specialist: even when I’m working under pressure, it’s all about keeping an eye on the big picture and staying calm

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Imagine if you could combine your favorite hobby and your career? This is a real possibility for anyone with a passion for smartphones and tablets – by joining EBF. We are all about Enterprise Mobility Solutions, managing and supporting the use of mobile devices in businesses. This is a dynamic and futureproof sector, offering a whole host of exciting opportunities for our employees, both now and in the future. And this applies to colleagues in the IT Support Department too. Why? Read this blog post based on an interview with Timo Nickel to find out more.

What does an IT-Support Specialist actually do?

IT-Support Specialists provide support for our customers’ IT experts, helping them with a full range of inquiries relating to the Enterprise Mobility Solutions used in their businesses. This means they play an important part in ensuring seamless operations at the customer’s end, and in turn have a positive impact on customer satisfaction by providing an excellent service.

IT-Support Specialists respond to inquiries either by telephone or by digital means, e.g. via a ticket system. Sometimes these may take the form of error messages, or alternatively they may relate to an EMM update, or they may involve questions about individual features of the various EMM platforms. In many cases it may be possible to respond to the queries straight away. Otherwise, the specialists may need to discuss the problem with the internal development team or the manufacturer to try and get to the bottom of it. When a problem arises for the first time, it is recorded, and the relevant documents sent to the customer and colleagues.

Alongside all their support work, IT-Support Specialists also support projects – such as holding customer workshops or preparing roll-outs, for example.

What particular challenges does your job entail?

“My job sees me getting to grips with the individual problems raised by our customers. Even when I’m working under pressure, it’s all about keeping an eye on the big picture and staying calm. And it goes without saying that because this is the IT sector, it’s extremely important to always keep up-to-date with the latest technology.”


Why do you enjoy working for your current company?

“Because it allows me to combine my favorite hobby and my career. I also like the fact that teamwork and team spirit are very much encouraged.”


Why you would recommend EBF as an employer?

“EBF is a very youthful and dynamic company. EBF is also an expanding and futureproof employer offering a wide range of roles, not least because it specializes in Enterprise Mobility Management. The Cologne office also provides a modern and versatile working environment that checks virtually every box.”


What did you learn during your first few weeks with EBF?

“When I first joined the company, I concentrated on learning the basics such as MobileIron, Enterprise Mobility Management, and working with the various programs (such as OTRS, Swyxlt, and Outlook). Then there were general work procedures and processes, information on the company’s brand identity, and of course the company philosophy.”


What makes a good IT-Support Specialist?

  • An educational background in IT or a comparable qualification
  • An open-minded and service-oriented personality, with an independent approach to working, and a willingness to learn
  • Ideally, experience in the specified field or in a similar role
  • A knowledge of Windows and mobile operating systems is desirable
  • Very good knowledge of German and good English skills

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