GDPR - a challenge for communication in companies

It is important for companies that individual employees or groups can communicate and exchange information quickly and easily in real time. With the introduction of the digital workplace and the fact that team members may not always be in the same physical location, this is becoming even more important.

Employers must therefore always be able to communicate with each other and work together on all devices, particularly on mobile devices. They need to be able to do this simply, and in compliance with the strict requirements imposed by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, WhatsApp, the US-owned messaging service, now in widespread use, does not comply with these stringent requirements. This means that companies need to find an WhatsApp alternative solution for internal business communications.

GDPR konform messenger developed specifically for companies

Teamwire is a enterprise mobile messaging service. It offers similar functions to WhatsApp, enabling individuals and groups, no matter where they are located, to communicate with each other and to exchange content such as files, photographs, videos, and voice messages. All of this intuitively thanks to an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface.

This solution was developed specifically for companies and complies with the strict requirements imposed by the GDPR. All of which makes Teamwire ideally suited as a communication solution for your business, improving communication and workflows of your employees as well as their productivity.

Data protection is a top priority

Teamwire is GDPR-compliant and also meets high security, administration, and compliance specifications. Data, messages, and metadata are transferred and stored as encrypted data, which is held within the European Union and not circulated any further. User data is anonymized.

Easy to manage

You can manage your users and the app itself very simply by means of an administration portal for which a number of clients can be set up.

  • Import and synchronize users and groups from the Active Directory and LDAP list
  • Invite users using standardized templates
  • Manage users and their access rights easily
  • Define communication rules
  • Set up groups
  • View usage statistics

Teamwire can be fully integrated into Unified Endpoint Management systems such as MobileIron or VMware Workspace ONE.

Alarm function for emergency situations

Teamwire has an alarm function which you can use to alert your employees immediately in the event of an emergency: in cases such as server failure, fire, or attacks by hackers, to name but a few examples. You can coordinate your emergency team using the same method. Reasonably priced, reliable, and offering wide coverage.

  • Manual creation of alarm messages or alarm messages issued automatically via integrated systems
  • Option to send messages to a defined group of recipients
  • Visual and acoustic notification of alarm messages
  • Ability to keep employees regularly informed of incidents
  • Ability to coordinate the emergency team via the group chat function

Teamwire benefits

Teamwire Consulting and Support from an experienced Teamwire partner

We can help you implement Teamwire to ensure that your communication processes are efficient and GDPR-compliant, relieving the load on your IT team at the same time. You will benefit from our numerous successful Teamwire projects and from our many years of experience in the field of Unified Endpoint Management. Our expertise in the leading UEM systems ensures that we can guarantee perfect integration in this area. Our excellent relationship with Teamwire also means that we are able to work together to develop suitable functions to handle new requirements.

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