Natalie Radic

My application went through really quickly. I saw the job advertised online and was invited to attend the first interview soon after I sent in my application. The interview went really smoothly, with some really frank exchanges, leaving me with a great first impression of the job itself, and of EBF as an employer. At the end of the first interview, I was invited to attend the second straightaway. I was also given a set of slides about an unknown EBF product and asked to prepare a presentation that could be given to potential customers. I had about a week to do it all. Admittedly, this was a challenging application process for any applicant, but I was pleased to have the opportunity to gain an insight into my future work environment via the presentation. It meant that I already had some idea of what to expect at EBF.

I’ve always found sales to be an exciting place to work. My father also worked in sales and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, even as a small child. So working in sales was a no-brainer for me really. I studied Organizational Sciences, majoring in IT, and ideally wanted to combine these two fields – which meant that working as a key account manager for EBF was the perfect job for me.

I love the fact that my job is so varied. I usually start the day checking my e-mails and dealing with customer enquiries. Then I spend a large part of my working day visiting customers or taking part in online meetings to showcase EBF products and services. I also look after one key account, which may mean internal discussions on site, or assisting the customer with product sales. My daily routine also includes drawing up bids and presentations. Launching new products and services is one of the most exciting parts of the job, and I work with the marketing team to create the associated documentation.

The fact that I’m always on the go – there’s never a dull moment. Then there’s the fact that I’m really into mobile devices and working for EBF gives me the opportunity to access all the latest technology.

It can be quite challenging persuading a customer who already uses an MDM solution to switch to our services and solutions. You have to try and work out where the customer’s current arrangements need tweaking and convince them that EBF offers a better solution. In this kind of situation, it’s good to know that you can depend on the support of the entire EBF team.

Teamwork is extremely important at EBF, not only in the sales team. We work very closely with all specialist areas, e.g. the development team and our consultants. But even within the sales team I know I can rely on my colleagues and we offer a mutual support network.

EBF operates in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. This keeps me on my toes and means I’m always learning new things and developing my skillset. Not only does EBF promote innovative technological solutions, it also allows its staff members to use these systems and makes the latest technology available to employees within the company.

EBF is a modern employer with great colleagues and feels very much like a family. I love working as part of the team! Even the environment in which EBF operates is fascinating. And of course, EBF offers a great many benefits which make it a very attractive place to work: modern office premises, subsidized food in the canteen, free fruit and drinks, etc.

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