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Accessing price lists in a customer conversation, distributing digital product data sheets at trade fairs or viewing instructions during a maintenance appointment? Anyone who wants to work efficiently on the move needs access to relevant files from different sources at any time and from anywhere, and also be able to edit and send them. With EBF Files, EBF offers a solution that makes exactly that possible. It enables employees to be agile, offer customers and partners a high level of service and collaborate efficiently with colleagues – all in a user-friendly, secure and data protection-compliant manner.

Hurdles of the Digital Workplace

Many companies are striving for a digital workplace where employees can work independently of time and place. But there are many challenges to be solved along the way. One of them: Mobile access to relevant data is often not readily available, is not user-friendly or is sometimes insecure.

As a result, processes can come to a standstill, users become frustrated and sensitive data is exposed to a high risk. Valuable time is lost, the chance for an innovative image and a competitive advantage is missed. In the worst case, user acceptance drops and applications are no longer used.

Companies therefore need a solution that closes this gap and makes mobile working possible. EBF Files can help here.

One app for all relevant company data

EBF Files offers employees the possibility of mobile access to file server structures and cloud services of a company. Files from different sources – regardless of whether it is a home or team drive – are made available in a single app with a clear user interface, OneDrive or SharePoint files. The files are stored on the device in a protected container and are separated from the other, private files.


This means that relevant data – such as templates, guidelines and emergency plans as well as product data sheets and price lists – are always available, protected and can be shared with customers, business partners or colleagues.

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More than just simple file access

Thanks to the synchronization function, the files are available to the user even when the mobile device is offline. Changes to file contents are automatically synchronized at folder level – at the latest as soon as the user is online – and the files are therefore always kept up to date. When saving, the system checks whether the file has been edited by another user in the meantime. If this is the case, the user can decide whether to discard his changes or whether a second version of the file with his changes should be created on the server.

Finding and managing files is also very easy with EBF Files: Files and folders can be marked as favorites for quick access, recently used documents can be accessed directly and it is possible to select and copy, move or delete multiple files.

An integrated PDF editor (the editing of Office documents is also optionally available) also offers the possibility of extensive editing of the files. New documents can be created directly in the app.

Simple integration

EBF Files consists of an app that is made available to the end users and is available for iOS (an Android version is planned), and a server that is used for the administration of the app and for user management by IT. The solution can be implemented quickly and easily and can be pre-configured and distributed via a central management system without any effort for the end users. EBF Files also supports various authentication methods – such as NTML, ADFS and Kerberos.

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