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working productively and securely from the home office

Many companies send their employees to the home office to protect them and their environment and business partners from infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) while maintaining operations. Companies that have not yet integrated this into their processes are facing great organizational and technical challenges. But also companies that have already integrated the home office work model into their processes are confronted with new challenges, as suddenly mostly the entire workforce must work from home.

And for all of them, connection quality is an issue – because it is often a problem outside their own network: Some of the investments already made in companies for broadband expansion are still in their infancy for private households, thus greatly restricting the mobile use of smartphones, tablets or laptops. But the fact is: For efficient and frustration-free work from the home office, reliable accessibility and a reliable network connection are essential.

Companies must therefore provide their employees with stable network connections and secure access to company data and applications. And IT teams are expected to remotely track and resolve problems.

In our free webinar we will provide you with an overview of EBF’s remote working strategies. We will showcase how to enable your employees to work seamlessly outside of the office via reliable network connections.

We’ll also be speaking with NetMotion, EBF’s newest partner. NetMotion is a software solution that not only secures and optimizes mobile traffic, but it also provides your IT team with an overview of devices, applications and network activities so that the causes of problems can be quickly identified and resolved remotely.

The webinar is only available in German.


  • Insight: How does EBF manage the work in the home office?
  • Outlook: What are the next steps and what are the lessons learned already?
  • What does NetMotion do and how can NetMotion help with the home office strategy?
  • How can I integrate NetMotion solutions into my IT landscape?
  • How can I enforce my IT policies outside the perimeter?
  • Questions & Answers

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