Jamf: Centralized, secure management of Apple devices

Jamf specializes in the management of Apple devices and has been offering innovative solutions for the management of Apple devices throughout their lifecycle to companies since 2012. The Jamf Pro Enterprise Mobility Management solution enables IT departments to efficiently and securely manage Macs, iPhones and iPads in companies via a central platform.

Jamf supports all integrated functions and interfaces that the iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems offer specifically for device management, enabling the best possible interaction between Apple technologies and the Enterprise Mobility Management system. New features that Apple provides for the devices are available virtually the same day in the updates for Jamf Pro.

This will significantly improve the user experience for employees, simplify the day-to-day administration for IT administrators and increase security.

Jamf Pro Beratung, Implementierung und Support

Unsere erfahrenen IT-Consultants beraten Sie rund um den Einsatz von Jamf Pro in Ihrem Unternehmen. Wir begleiten Sie während des gesamten Lifecyle:

  • Implementierung von Jamf Pro in Ihre IT-Landschaft
  • Rollout der Lösung und Schulung Ihrer Mitarbeiter
  • Aufzeigen von Optimierungspotential, wenn Jamf Pro bereits genutzt wird
  • Erstklassiger Support zur Entlastung Ihrer IT und optimaler Betrieb

Aufgrund unserer engen Partnerschaft zu Jamf können wir auch für neue Anforderungen gemeinsam passende Funktionen entwickeln.

Components of Jamf Pro

Deployment - efficient procurement and deployment

With the help of Jamf Pro a DEP registration is possible. This allows IT teams to remotely register mobile devices in the UEM via the Apple Business Manager and configure them according to company specifications. When employees receive their devices, they only need to go through a few IT-defined steps and can begin work immediately. The device is automatically placed under the management of the UEM system upon commissioning.

Mobile Device Management - comprehensive device management

The Mobile Device Management is the basis of Jamf Pro and serves the central administration and protection of Apple devices. Among other things, the following functions can be carried out:

  • Configuration of devices and distribution of apps
  • Definition and enforcement of security policies
  • Release and deletion of company data and access rights
  • Monitoring of devices and device information
  • Running macOS scripts for maximum flexibility in device management
  • Performing system-level tasks using the Jamf Agent add-on module
  • Perform system-level tasks using the Jamf Agent add-on module

Mobile Application Management - mobile application administration

The Mobile Application Management component supports IT teams in the central administration of (corporate) applications throughout the entire life cycle.

This module offers the following functions, among others:

  • Purchase of apps in large quantities from the Apple Store and license management via the Apple Business Manager (Volume Purchase Program)
  • Use the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for iOS devices and Macs
  • Provision, installation, personalization and distribution of apps
  • Creation of black- and whitelists
  • Upgrade, uninstall and secure applications
  • Set up an enterprise app store with confidential applications and extensive user functionality (Jamf Self Service)

Inventory management - all inventory data at a glance

With Jamf Pro, the equipment inventory of employees can be automatically collected, sorted by criteria and exported as a report. For example, operating system version, installed apps including version, device type, serial number and encryption status are recorded. In this way, IT administrators always have an overview of the devices to be managed and can, for example, check compliance with security regulations, expired software versions or warranty periods at the touch of a button.

Patch management - automatically close security gaps

This feature enables companies to close security holes that persist longer due to delayed or missing updates, either automatically or by prompting users. Notifications keep IT managers informed of the latest patches of operating systems and applications in use and allow them to assign them to specific groups and monitor installation progress, either directly or after individual customization.

Zu Jamf Pro wechseln

Sie haben bereits eine MDM-Lösung im Einsatz, möchten aber zukünftig Jamf Pro zur Verwaltung Ihrer Geräte nutzen? Der EBF Onboarder ermöglicht eine reibungslose, automatisierte Migration von den gängigen UEM-Systemen zu Jamf Pro – mit geringem Aufwand für die IT und innerhalb kürzester Zeit. Das klingt interessant? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt!

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Jamf School

Sie benötigen eine Verwaltungslösung für den Bildungsbereich? Dann erfahren Sie mehr über Jamf School – eine Lösung zum Management von Apple-Geräten, die speziell auf die Anforderungen von Schulungen zugeschnitten ist.

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