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Modern, audit-compliant customer communication

Movius enables audit-compliant communication with customers on their preferred channel: WhatsApp or other messaging services.

The Movius Multiline app gives employees a dedicated business number they can use to contact customers via messaging services such as WhatsApp for Business on their smartphones or laptops. A separate address book is also provided. What’s more – with customer consent – Movius Multiline makes it possible to document exchanges via text or audio messages and automatically save them to a CRM solution. In case employees leave the company or their area of responsibility changes, their numbers can be transferred to colleagues centrally and easily, which prevents interruptions in customer communication.

Businesses in regulated industries such as the financial sector are legally required to document communication with their customers. Movius Multiline enables them to ensure this is also the case for mobile communications. Automated processes enhance employee productivity, while a second phone number allows employees to clearly separate their personal and business data and communications.

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EBF can offer you more insight into all the possibilities Movius has to offer, oversee the initial deployment of the solution in your IT infrastructure, ensure it is optimally integrated in your UEM system and roll it out to your users. Our experts are happy to help you tap into the full potential of this technology.

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