Managed Services for your UEM system – complex tasks in good hands

The tasks of internal IT departments are becoming ever more diverse, the requirements ever more complex, and the workload ever greater. IT teams help to realize modern workplaces, drive innovation and are thus jointly responsible for business success.

Relieving the burden on IT and creating more space for innovation is therefore an issue for many companies. A topic for which Managed Services are a good solution.

Within the scope of Managed Services, IT services are outsourced to an external Managed Service Provider (MSP), which reliably takes over and executes them. This usually involves recurring activities in a clearly defined area and scope.

Managed Services are also available for UEM systems. In this case, an external partner takes over tasks associated with end devices, users, configurations and applications, thereby offering many advantages that go beyond simply relieving the IT team.

In this white paper, we would like to give you an insight into Managed Services in the UEM area, explain background information and benefits, and show you how to identify whether Managed Services make sense for your company.

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  • Under Pressure: IT challenges when creating modern workplaces
  • In detail: What do Managed Services entail?
  • In good hands: The potential of Managed Services for UEM systems
  • Well-prepared: Important changes in 2023
  • Check: How do you determine whether you need Managed Services?

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