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Comprehensive expertise in IDEE and AuthN

Multifactor authentication without a password and any second device – for 100% protection against phishing

Phishing attacks pose a serious threat to businesses. They are aimed at eliciting sensitive information such as access data from users. The AuthN by IDEE solution eliminates this threat by offering 100% protection against phishing attacks.

What can AuthN by IDEE do and how does the solution work?

AuthN by IDEE, enables multifactor authentication (MFA) without the need to enter a password, token or use a second device. This allows users to access applications and systems securely and effortlessly.

AuthN by IDEE works by utilizing the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip we all have in our devices and public key cryptography. The first factor (cryptographic key) is created and stored securely on the users’ specific device TPM. This key can only be used after the user is verified with the second factor using a fingerprint, FaceID, or PIN – no password is required. This means that only a trusted user, in control of a trusted device can login to a trusted platform or system. This makes it impossible for cybercriminals to take over accounts and gain illegitimate access.

We have in-depth expertise in securing modern working environments. As an IDEE GmbH Managed Services Provider (MSP), we are very familiar with AuthN by IDEE and can advise and support you in the deployment and operation of the solution. Implementing and configuring the solution in existing systems can be challenging, depending on the complexity of your infrastructure – especially when it comes to on premises operations and resources. We are an MSP with many years of experience in modern workplace management, positioning us as your ideal partner for a secure and user-friendly workplace.

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Our AuthN by IDEE services


Our modern workplace experts are happy to provide you with comprehensive, individualized advice on how to effectively implement AuthN by IDEE in your company. How does the solution work? How does it fit into your existing security concept and IT environment? What should you bear in mind during configuration and implementation? We are happy to answer these questions along with any other specific inquiries you may have as part of our consulting package.


To ensure AuthN by IDEE delivers added value, it must be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT environment – ensuring smooth interaction between access methods, user directories, and both on premises and cloud resources. Leveraging their extensive experience, our server and network experts will assist you in implementing AuthN by IDEE and configuring interfaces quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with best practices.


We provide you with licenses for AuthN by IDEE quickly and easily and are also happy to accompany you during a non-binding test phase and provide you with the required test licenses.

Support and Managed Services

We also provide ongoing support following all AuthN by IDEE implementations and ensure that the solution works smoothly during routine operations. Our expertise and close ties to the manufacturer enable us to resolve issues quickly, competently, and effectively. We manage the administration of the solution for you, monitor further developments and updates, and ensure that you can always tap into the full potential of AuthN by IDEE.

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