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Paul Klein
European IT Client Services Manager

The migration with EBF Onboarder was very user-friendly and enabled us to migrate users remotely without any major problems.


Due to a company acquisition, two different UEM systems were in use. A migration to Workspace ONE should reduce the IT effort caused by the parallel operation and should be as simple as possible.

Our contribution

Using EBF Onboarder, we were able to perform an automated migration of a small set of devices in a cost-effective manne. And thanks to Workspace ONE expertise, we were able to set up the console according to the requirements.


The migration was completed remotely in just one week and the new UEM system was successfully used without any problems for users or IT. The company acquisition, which causes a lot of effort on the IT side, could thus be supported in the best possible way.


At Woodword everything revolves around energy efficiency. The company’s innovative solutions set standards worldwide and ensure optimal use of energy sources. To ensure efficiency in internal processes as well, mobile devices are of central importance. They enable executives and project managers in particular to access project plans, orders and other important documents, to receive and send e-mails and to carry out many other work processes from anywhere.

To ensure that this is secure, efficient and user-friendly, it makes sense to manage the devices centrally via a Unified Endpoint Management solution. This solution grants access to and encrypts company data, offers the option of providing a separate app catalogue and, if a device is lost, it allows all data to be deleted from the device. Woodward therefore decided to manage the company’s mobile devices via the UEM system VMware Workspace ONE (formerly AirWatch) and has been using the solution to manage the devices ever since.

In 2018, Woodward acquired L’Orange, which used the MobileIron UEM system for device management. For IT, the effort to run both systems in parallel would have been very high. Woodward therefore decided to bring L’Orange’s mobile devices under the management of Workspace ONE as well and to carry out a migration. But this was a challenge for Woodward: Manually migrating around 100 devices would have been very time-consuming, would have entailed a high risk of errors and cost a lot of time, money and resources.

Woodward was therefore looking for a solution that would enable automated migration and would be worthwhile even with this rather small number of devices. The company was also looking for a partner with VMware Workspaces ONE expertise to help set up the console.

Our Solution

With the EBF Onboarder, EBF offers exactly the right solution for Woodward. The EBF Onboarder enables a largely automated and therefore fast and easy UEM system change and is suitable for anything above of 100 devices. More than 800,000 devices have already been successfully migrated for other customers – including small and large projects. In addition, EBF has in-depth knowledge of VMware Workspace ONE and thus knows the target system Woodward wants to use very well.

Optimal preparation of the target system

The EBF team initially assisted Woodward in setting up the VMware Workspace ONE console. The experts ensured that the system met the customer’s exact requirements and that the devices were managed according to the customer’s IT security policies.

Smooth rollout

Once the target system was configured, the EBF team conducted a test with selected devices to ensure that the rollout was successful. After successful testing, all 100 devices were then requested to migrate. Thanks to the EBF Onboarder’s intuitive interface and easy-to-follow instructions, end users were able to complete the migration quickly and easily, without having to spend a long time without the device and without the need for IT support. For the IT, the migration effort was therefore very low and the backend of the EBF Onboarder always provided an overview of the migration status. The colleagues from the IT department were able to selectively remind the users of the migration if it had not yet taken place.


The change to Workspace ONE was thus completed in just one week and the new UEM system was successfully set up. This provided the best possible support for the acquisition of the company, which is always associated with great challenges on the IT side.

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