Device Lifecycle Management

Innovative device management of the future

Challenges in the lifecycle of end-user devices

The lifecycle for devices is fraught with challenges. After all, a great many steps involving several different departments are necessary. You have to work with different systems for this purpose, usually totally separate from one another – and in some cases you may even have to resort to Excel spreadsheets.

To begin with, devices and accessories have to be ordered in different portals. The upshot is umpteen different logins and interfaces as well as scores of individual orders and invoices. The conditions, too, are liable to vary and calculating discounts can be a very complicated affair. Lengthy approval workflows are usually required first.

Once the products have been ordered, it’s likely to be a while before you can go ahead with an inventory of them and assign them to employees. That can’t be done until after the devices have arrived on your premises. In the next step, your users or your IT team must provide the devices with cases, screen protectors, and SIM cards or eSIMs, and then carry out various commissioning steps – a time-consuming process.

And the game starts all over again whenever a device needs replacing because it’s been lost or is due for exchange.

In short, the processes associated with devices use up considerable time, money, and resources.


Device Lifecycle Management – central, simple, transparent, flexible

Deutsche Telekom and EBF got together to develop a Device Lifecycle Management platform that simplifies all processes related to your end-user devices and provides a solution to all of these problems. Ordering, assembly, and delivery can be performed on a single platform in just a few clicks, as can management, return, and exchange of devices and accessories.

The platform uses a range of interfaces to connect to Telekom, service provider, and existing UEM systems, extract all relevant data, and show a summary of it. This means that complex processes require minimal effort – with a great user experience. You not only save time and money; you also profit from higher quality data as well as more flexibility.

Subscriptions are available for various packages comprising different sets of features.


The prerequisite for using the Device Lifecycle Management platform is, in Germany, a framework agreement with Deutsche Telekom.

Features of the Device Lifecycle Management platform


  • Automated procurement of devices and accessories
  • Company-specific product catalog
  • Good conditions even for small order quantities


  • Delivery to desired address
  • Shipment tracing


  • Certified deletion of company data
  • End-of-life management


  • Assembly of all essential components
  • Inventory taken directly after devices dispatched
  • Assignment of end-user devices and accessories to employees

End-user device management

  • Connection to UEM system
  • Automated commissioning
  • Simple contract activation

Your benefits

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