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Consumers are seeking a positive user experience.

Mobile devices for a seamless shopping experience

Having an attractive store and online shopping facilities, even a mobile-optimized website, are no longer enough to satisfy consumer demands. Sure, customers still want to buy in retail stores – but they also want to see improved links between stationary retail and e-commerce, plus extra digital services – to provide a seamless shopping experience.

They expect to be able to access information such as prices and reviews anytime, anywhere, as well as checking stock levels, ordering products, and tracking deliveries. Then there’s the ability to see exactly what that piece of furniture will look like in their own home by virtual and augmented reality. And here in Germany we are also seeing signs that some consumers are prepared to use their mobile devices for contactless payments in stores, although this is still surrounded by considerable security concerns.

Mobile devices have a key role to play in this process. Not only do they allow customers to access the required services via apps, they also give company employees the opportunity to work more efficiently, offering consumers additional services in the process. For example, a retail assistant can order out-of-stock products directly from a mobile device and arrange for delivery straight to the customer’s home. Similarly, a service team member can record the fact that a product has been dispatched and scheduled for delivery via their smartphone, often with the additional option of live tracking.

Increased time pressure to create a holistic shopping experience

The digital revolution has made all these things a reality, yet retail companies and consumer goods manufacturers are still facing a number of challenges: they must be able to access all their systems from mobile devices in real time with the emphasis on user-friendly solutions. High levels of data security are essential, especially for payment transactions, and companies must be able to develop and share apps in a very short timeframe.

In other words, retail companies and consumer goods manufacturers need to learn quickly or reinvent themselves, often in an incredibly short space of time. They can only hope to succeed if they work alongside Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts, who can help them improve their customers’ user experience and make mobile working more effective for employees.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for the retail and consumer goods industry

We are the ideal partner to help you address these challenges. We have already worked with companies such as Coca Cola and we understand the trends in this sector inside out. We can offer central management systems for devices, software enabling you to publish apps automatically, plus a whole range of other solutions and services to help provide your consumers with the shopping experience they’ve always dreamed of.

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