Implementation of Microsoft Endpoint Manager - hand in hand

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    Microsoft Endpoint Manager + M365 services Consulting, implementation and training of the IT-Team

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Jan Wienholz
Head of IT Systems

We worked hand in hand with EBF to implement Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Joint execution of project steps and close cooperation allowed our team to learn how to work with the new systems at the same time.


UBB’s approximately 300 tablets and smartphones were to be managed and secured with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which is to be operated independently by the internal IT team in the long term.

Our contribution

We built a Microsoft tenant and deployed Endpoint Manager and Identity & Access Management configurations according to best practices, taking the UBB IT team with us every step of the way and providing intensive training.


UBB’s IT is ideally positioned for the future and can manage the environment centrally and independently. Employees use the devices in a safe, modern and comfortable way.


Mobile devices play a key day-to-day role in the work of UBB personnel. Employees can use apps on their tablets and smartphones to perform a range of tasks: Scanning tickets, updating logbooks, reporting damage or viewing rosters and vacation schedules.

An MDM module was already being used to administer the tablets, but there was no centralized management in place for the company’s smartphones – making mobile device administration a complex affair and generating a number of security risks.

The IT team at UBB intended to change that in 2021 by administering and securing all end-user devices with a central solution and increasing process automation.

An expert partner was required to integrate the Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution into the company’s IT infrastructure, rolling out further M365 services to relieve the burden on the IT department and increase ease of use for employees. The objective was to provide a modern workplace for the UBB workforce.

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Our contribution

Structure of the M365 Tenant

The first step was for EBF experts to perform an Opportunity Assessment. This provided a precise analysis of the status quo for the IT infrastructure and the requirements of the IT department at UBB and derivation of the steps required.

Firstly, an M365 Tenant was created for the UBB. The EBF experts applied best practices to configure this. This paved the way for implementation of the administration solutions and other M365 services.

Administration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The next step was to implement Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) in the corporate structure, in accordance with the UBB requirements. This administration tool was applied to tablets as well as smartphones, allowing both types of devices to now be managed in the same way.

Introduction of Identity & Access Management

An Azure Active Directory connection was also implemented. Switching the Active Directory for previously On Premise operations to the Azure Active Directory in the cloud allowed the UBB team to introduce secure, user-friendly forms of authentication for the workforce. It is now easier for employees to register with their devices and use these without any interruptions due to repeated log-ins.

The EBF team also migrated the legacy mail system MDaemon at UBB to Microsoft Exchange Online in the cloud, allowing employees to work with Outlook on a device-independent basis.

Intensive Training for the IT Team at UBB

The EBF experts worked on these processes very closely with the UBB team. IT management at UBB wanted to clearly understand the process steps, to allow independent day-to-day solution operation at a later point. The training also had to cover embedding in the IT infrastructure and the interface systems.

Consequently, the EBF team executed each step side-by-side with its UBB counterpart. This ensured that valuable know-how was passed on to the IT team, with EBF in place as a reliable partner alongside UBB throughout the entire process.


The IT team at UBB uses Microsoft Endpoint Manager for smooth, centralized administration of around 300 mobile devices. Intensive training and support from the EBF team allow the IT workforce to operate the solutions independently and develop these further. Looking ahead, management of Windows laptops is also being considered.

Thanks to this and the implementation of further M365 services, working with mobile devices on a daily basis is now a secure and simple task for UBB employees. As a modern traffic company, the UBB is reaping the benefits of a digital workplace.

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