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Optimal management of Apple devices

Jamf is a specialized in the management of Apple devices. The company offers different Mobile Device Management solutions tailored to the needs of large corporations, mid-sized and small businesses and schools. Jamf interacts with Apple technologies in the best possible way and supports all integrated functions and interfaces that Apple operating systems offer for device management in a special way. New features for iOS, iPadOS and macOS will be made available on the same day. But before and during the implementation of the solutions there are a few things to consider in order to take advantage of the benefits the platform offers.

As a Solution Partner, Managed Service Provider and Silver Reseller of Jamf and a long-time expert in the Digital Workplace area, we have the necessary know-how to introduce Jamf technologies smoothly and profitably in your company. Whether it’s Jamf Pro for large enterprises, Jamf Now for small businesses, Jamf School for schools or the complementary technologies Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect. We understand the Jamf portfolio and work closely with the manufacturer to best meet your needs. This allows us to take your management of iOS, iPadOS and macOS devices to the next level and get the most out of the technologies. And of course, we also know how to best combine this with managing non-Apple devices.

Our services

Analysis and conception

We analyze your mobility environment and requirements and create a concept that fits you and your device landscape. With exactly the components from Jamf that you need. We ensure that the advantages of Apple technologies are used in the best possible way and show you which other solutions interact well with Jamf.
Learn more about our concepts

2h Apple Business/School Manager Basic Setup Service

We configure the Apple Business or School Manager and the corresponding admin account for you and link it to the Jamf instance. For this purpose, we make standard configurations and subsequently accompany the rollout of a device.

Implementation in your data center

We ensure a smooth implementation of Jamf in your data center – according to your requirements and optimally adapted to your infrastructure.
Learn more about on-premise installations


We will show you the differences between the different licenses and advise you which license model is best for you.

12h Jamf Cloud Standard Deployment

We are preparing the introduction of the Jamf cloud solution. For this purpose we establish a connection to Apple Business Manager incl. VPP and DEP, configure the app catalog as well as applications, profiles and restrictions and plan the enrollment strategy. Afterwards we test the configurations and the rollout.

4h Apple Business/School Manager Advanced Setup Service

In addition to the Basic Setup, we also prepare the Zero-Touch-Deployment for you and take over the enrollment of up to five devices. This ensures a smooth rollout – with little effort for IT and end users.

Hosting in our data center

We can host the Jamf solutions in our certified, high-performance and scalable data center – without long implementation times. We take care of a smooth operation and maintenance and thereby relieve your IT enormously.
Learn more about our hosting services

Change of the UEM system

If you want to change your UEM system, we help you with our EBF Onboarder to carry out the migration to Jamf largely automated. As part of our Professional Services, we can also handle the configuration of the source and target systems for you.

Also after the implementation, we provide you with reliable support to ensure a smooth operation of your jam instance. Learn more about our support services
We can take over extensive Managed Services for you to relieve your IT. We can take on demanding tasks such as managing the Volume Purchase Program, implementing the Device Enrollment Program or changing configurations, users and applications for you. Learn more about our Managed Services
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Management of heterogeneous device landscapes

You don’t only have Apple devices in use? In addition to Jamf, we offer you further UEM systems to manage non-Apple devices. Microsoft Intune is particularly suitable for this purpose due to existing interfaces. We show you different possibilities and advise you which system is the right one for you and how several systems can be managed uniformly with little effort.


Complementary VPN solution

You would like to use a Per-App-VPN? We advise you on a suitable third-party solution and have a solution in our portfolio with NetMotion, which is an optimal addition for this purpose.

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Your benefits

Microsoft Consulting


Want to find out more?

Your contact at EBF

Contact us to learn more about Jamf or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer.


Zentrales, sicheres Management von Apple-Geräten

Jamf ist spezialisiert auf das Management von Apple-Geräten und bietet Unternehmen bereits seit 2012 innovative Lösungen für deren Verwaltung während des gesamten Lifecycles an.

Jamf unterstützt alle integrierten Funktionen und Schnittstellen, die die iOS-, iPadOS- und macOS-Betriebssysteme speziell für die Geräteverwaltung bieten, und ermöglicht so die bestmögliche Interaktion zwischen Apple-Technologien und dem Enterprise Mobility Management System. Neue Funktionen, die Apple für die Geräte zur Verfügung stellt, stehen quasi am gleichen Tag in den Updates für Jamf Pro zur Verfügung.

Dadurch lässt sich sowohl eine deutliche Verbesserung des Nutzungserlebnisses von Mitarbeitern als auch eine Vereinfachung des Verwaltungsalltags von IT-Administratoren sowie eine erhöhte Sicherheit erreichen.

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Jamf Pro: Geräteverwaltung in grösseren Unternehmen

Die Mobile Device Management-Lösung Jamf Pro ermöglicht IT-Abteilungen von Unternehmen die effiziente und sichere Verwaltung von Macs, iPhones und iPads über eine zentrale Plattform.

Die Lösung bietet unter anderem folgende Optionen:

  • Deployment: Schnelle Beschaffung und Bereitstellung von Geräten mittels DEP-Registrierung
  • Geräteverwaltung: Umfassende zentrale Verwaltung und Absicherung von Geräten (Definition und Durchsetzung von Sicherheitsrichtlinien, Freigabe und Löschen von Unternehmensdaten und Zugriffsrechten)
  • Apps verwalten: Zentrale Verwaltung von Applikationen entlang des gesamten Lebenszyklus (Kauf, Installation, Personalisierung, Verteilung und Absicherung von Apps, Einrichtung eines Unternehmens-App-Stores)
  • Bestandsmanagement: Erfassung und Aufschlüsselung des Gerätebestands
  • Patchverwaltung: Überwachung und Schließung von Sicherheitslücken

Jamf Now: Geräteverwaltung in kleineren Unternehmen

Jamf Now ist eine cloud-basierte Mobile Device Management-Lösung für die Verwaltung von iPads, iPhones und Macs. Die Lösung ist insbesondere auf das Gerätemanagement in Kleinunternehmen und Start-ups ausgerichtet und kann dank einer intuitiven Gestaltung auch von fachfremden Personen genutzt werden.

Dabei bietet Jamf Now folgende essentielle Funktionen zum Gerätemanagement:

  • Einrichtung: Schnelle Konfiguration und Einrichtung von Geräten per Fernzugriff 
  • Verwaltung: Übersicht über Geräte und Bestandsdaten sowie zentrales App-Management  
  • Sicherheit: Absicherung von Geräten durch Verschlüsselung, Option zum Sperren von Geräten oder Löschen von Daten sowie zur Fernkonfiguration von Passwörtern 
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Jamf School

Jamf School ist eine Mobile Device Management-Lösung, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Bildungseinrichten zugeschnitten ist. Sie zielt darauf ab, Applegeräte auf sichere und einfache Weise im Schulalltag einzusetzen und produktive Lernumgebungen für Lehrer und Schüler zu schaffen. Jamf School ermöglicht es Schulen, Apple-Geräte zu konfigurieren, abzusichern bereitzustellen und zu verwalten – über eine intuitive Benutzeroberfläche.

  • Geräteverwaltung: Umfassende Geräteverwaltung und Absicherung
  • Deployment: Schnelle Konfiguration und Gerätebereitstellung
  • Bestandsmanagement: Überblick über alle verwalteten Geräte, Benutzer und Apps und Identifikation von Unregelmäßigkeiten
  • Unterrichtsmanagement: Verwaltung, Verteilung und Einschränkung von Unterrichtsmaterialien
  • Apps verwalten: Bereitstellung und Rechtemanagement von Anwendungen für Lehrer, Schüler und Eltern

Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect ermöglicht vereinfachte Authentifizierungsmöglichkeiten für Mac-Nutzer. Die Anmeldung am Mac oder bei Unternehmensdiensten erfolgt mithilfe einheitlicher Anmeldeinformationen und unterstützt Identity Provider wie Active Directory, Azure, Ping oder Okta. Nutzer können dadurch auf einfache Weise auf alle benötigten Ressourcen zugreifen – während die IT es deutlich leichter hat, die Accounts zu verwalten.

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Jamf Protect

Jamf Protect ist eine Engeräteschutzlösung für den Mac, die die Überwachung, Erkennung, Reaktion und Behebung von Bedrohungen, Malware und Sicherheitsvorfällen auf Mac-Geräten ermöglicht. Dabei nutzt Jamf Protect native Sicherheitstools sowie das Endpoint Security Framework von Apple zum Screening und der Analyse von macOS Systemereignissen und sorgt für erhöhte Sicherheit.

Centralized, secure management of apple devices

Jamf  specializes in the management of Apple devices and has been offering innovative solutions for the management of Apple devices throughout their lifecycle to companies and schools since 2002. Jamf supports all integrated functions and interfaces that the iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems offer specifically for device management, enabling the best possible interaction between Apple technologies and the Unified Endpoint Management system. New features that Apple provides for the devices are available virtually on the same day in the updates for Jamf solutions. This will significantly improve the user experience for employees and teachers as well as students, simplify the day-to-day administration of IT administrators, and increase security.  

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Jamf Pro: Device Management in larger companies

The Jamf Pro mobile device management solution enables corporate IT departments to efficiently and securely manage Macs, iPhones, and iPads from a central platform. The solution offers the following options, among others:

  • Deployment: Rapid acquisition and deployment of devices via DEP registration
  • Device management: Comprehensive centralized management and protection of devices (definition and enforcement of security policies, release, and deletion of corporate data and access rights)
  • Manage apps: Centralized management of applications throughout the entire lifecycle (purchase, installation, personalization, distribution and protection of apps, the establishment of a corporate app store)
  • Inventory management: Recording and breakdown of the equipment inventory
  • Patch management: Monitoring and closing of security hole

Jamf Now: Device Management in small businesses

Jamf Now is a cloud-based mobile device management solution for managing iPads, iPhones, and Macs. The solution is specifically designed for device management in small businesses and start-ups, and thanks to its intuitive design, it can also be used by people from outside the industry. Jamf Now offers the following essential functions for device management:

  • Setup: Quick configuration and remote device setup
  • Administration: Overview of devices and inventory data and central app management
  • Security: Protect devices with encryption, the option to lock devices or delete data, and remote password configuration
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jamf pro

Jamf School

Jamf School is a mobile device management solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of educational institutions. It aims to make Apple devices safe and easy to use in the classroom and to create productive learning environments for teachers and students. Jamf School enables schools to configure, secure, deploy, and manage Apple devices through an intuitive interface. Features of Jamf School include

  • Device management: Comprehensive device management and security
  • Deployment: Fast configuration and device deployment
  • Inventory management: Overview of all managed devices, users and apps and identification of irregularities
  • Teaching management: Management, distribution, and restriction of teaching materials
  • Manage apps: Provision and rights management of applications for teachers, students and parents

Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect provides simplified authentication options for Mac users. Log in to the Mac or enterprise services using common credentials and support for identity providers such as Active Directory, Azure, Ping, and Okta. This gives users easy access to all the resources they need – while making it much easier for IT to manage accounts.

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Jamf Protect

Jamf Protect is an endpoint protection solution for the Mac that monitors, detects, responds to, and remediates threats, malware, and security incidents on Mac devices. Jamf Protect uses native security tools and Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework to screen and analyze macOS system events for enhanced security.

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