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Rafael Lopez Molina
Operations Manager Collaboration Systems, DZ Bank AG

The trusting and cooperative cooperation within the framework of the migration project as well as the professional implementation gave us the certainty of having chosen the right partner. The fast and silent implementation made the project a success. Not just for IT department, but for the entire DZ Bank.


After a merger, UEM systems should be consolidated, devices unified and professional and private data clearly separated.

Our Solution

We accompanied the introduction of MobileIron and SecurePIM for 2,500 devices from conception to rollout.


Employees can now work efficiently and securely on the move, while the IT department can focus on its core issues.


Mergers of companies can be a challenge for IT. In many cases, different IT infrastructures and IT systems collide, resulting in significant effort and high costs. As a rule, therefore, there is a desire to consolidate systems in order to make administration easier. This was also the case with DZ BANK when it merged with WGZ BANK in 2016. While DZ BANK used the EMM system Good for Enterprise to manage all mobile devices, WGZ BANK used the BlackBerry solution and the device landscape of both companies was very heterogeneous, too.

DZ BANK therefore decided to consolidate its Enterprise Mobility Management systems and to standardize its equipment landscape. As an EMM system, MobileIron was to be introduced as a new solution for both companies and new iPhones and iPads were to be rolled out. In addition, there was the requirement to clearly separate professional and private data as well as mails from each other and to integrate an additional mail APP “made in Germany” into the MobileIron container for this purpose.


EBF was the perfect partner for the DZ BANK: The in-depth know-how from numerous MobileIron projects combined with a broad mobility product portfolio and in-depth knowledge of the industry were a great advantage for the financial company and enabled a smooth introduction of MobileIron for around 2,500 devices despite complex requirements. In a short time, error-free and without great effort for the IT of the DZ BANK.

With SecurePIM, EBF also has another product in its portfolio that was the right solution for DZ BANK’s requirements. SecurePIM makes it possible to separate private and professional data using containers.


EBF accompanied DZ BANK from the conception and preparation of the systems, through their introduction and device rollout, to support, and provided the necessary expertise in every phase of the process. DZ BANK’s IT was thus considerably relieved and the Bank’s objectives could be implemented quickly and consistently.

Successful Introduction of MobileIron

EBF initially advised DZ BANK on its complex requirements and developed a concept for the consolidation of the various EMM solutions. The EBF team was able to draw on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the MobileIron platform to develop a solution for the complex topology of the DZ BANK.

The rollout of MobileIron began after a preparation period of around three months and was successfully completed in less than 4 months for the 2,500 users. Thanks to the Apple DEP enrollment program, only a few steps were required on the end user side, which further relieved the IT.

Since then, DZ BANK’s IT department has been able to manage all devices securely and efficiently using the MobileIron EMM system. The MobileIron Sentry serves as an intelligent gateway and ensures that the traffic between the mobile device and the backend system is secure and encrypted. End users can access the MobileIron components Mobile@Work, Apps@Work, Web@Work and Docs@Work, which provide a secure connection to the corporate network, access to relevant applications, download of corporate apps and secure access to the intranet and relevant documents. This enables the DZ BANK employees to work securely and efficiently on the move with manageable IT effort.

Smooth introduction of SecurePIM

When introducing SecurePIM, DZ BANK also benefited from EBF’s many years of experience and, in particular, from the precise knowledge of both systems. This enabled EBF to ensure a seamless integration of SecurePIM into MobileIron and to enable simple configuration of the SecurePIM container via MobileIron. The implementation of SecurePIM also went smoothly, clearly separating professional and private mail, with full IT control over corporate data.

Reliable support

The EBF team was on site at the customers location in many project phases and was available to the IT department and the end users as a competent contact partner. Extensive end-user training has ensured that users are familiar with the new devices, the new EMM solution and SecurePIM. EBF’s colleagues continue to support DZ BANK with 2nd and 3rd level support – by telephone and on site – and solve queries reliably, competently and quickly.


The DZ BANK greatly appreciates the EBF’s expertise, reliability, flexibility and agility. This ensures high availability and smooth operation of the systems at all times, and DZ BANK employees can work efficiently and securely on the move, while the IT department can focus on its core issues.

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