Reliable hosting
in our data centre

Take the strain off your infrastructure and rely on our certified data centre and our expertise. Secure. Reliable. Flexible.

Ease the workload and provide flexibility thanks to EBF Cloud

We can host many solutions in our data centre and thus not only relieve your IT enormously, but also ensure greater flexibility. We guarantee rapid provision and protection of the solution – without long implementation delays and far-reaching changes to your infrastructure.

We then reliably take care of the administration and maintenance of the solution, provide updates promptly and can scale capacities in the shortest possible time if required. This means you can rest assured that the services are available to all employees even when workloads increase.

Use the EBF cloud and our services to relieve your infrastructure and allow your employees to focus on other issues.

EBF hosting services

Hosting of UEM systems

We can host numerous UEM solutions – whether BlackBerry, Ivanti or Jamf, Workspace ONE or Relution. With optional services such as setting up a VPN connection, we provide you with secure mobile access to company resources such as emails or the intranet.

Hosting of HCL Domino/Notes

We can take over the hosting of HCL Domino/Notes for you and ensure good mobile and/or web-based access to your Notes client with additional components such as Traveler, Verse and Nomad. Expertise that is rarely available in companies or from partners. Thanks to our services, you can continue to use HCL Domino/Notes-based specialised applications successfully.

Hosting of incapptic

We can take over the hosting of the solution for you and thus ensure efficient app management throughout the entire life cycle. This is a great advantage for you, as the solution has to be operated on macOS servers – a rarity in companies and usually not welcome, even in commercial data centres.

Hosting of Matomo

Would you like to use Matomo to analyse your websites in a data protection-compliant manner? We take care of the hosting for you and ensure high availability of your analysis data even with a large number of websites and high visitor numbers.

Hosting of EBF Print

EBF Print ensures convenient and secure printing via iOS devices – thanks to a combination of the AirPrint standard and the Follow Me solution. We can host the print server on our premises and provide the necessary VPN tunnel so that the print server can communicate with your printers.

All this - and much more!

Please contact us if you would like to host another solution with us. We can react flexibly to your requirements and also offer our reliable services for other solutions.

The EBF data centre - shared or dedicated

Our computer center is based in Germany and is ISO 27001 certified. In other words, it complies with the highest security and data protection standards. The infrastructure is always state-of-the-art and high-performance. Dedicated network and machine resources ensure a high level of connection and transport security for data, increased connection stability and optimised data throughput. Depending on the software solution, we offer you two options:


You can use the service on an instance that is used by several companies.


We can implement the service on a dedicated instance that we make available to you for your sole use.

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You can use the service on an instance that is used by several companies.


We can implement the service on a dedicated instance that we make available to you for your sole use.

Why customers love EBF cloud solutions

High quality

Highest security and data protection standards by using a certified German data center
High security thanks to complete patch management for infrastructure, operating systems and applications
High quality standard through extensive testing of new versions and rapid problem handling

Relief of the IT

Relief of your IT department by outsourcing activities
Relief of your infrastructure and avoidance of hardware investments
High transparency of costs

High agility and flexibility

Fast implementation and availability
High availability with increased connection stability and optimized data transmission
Flexible adjustment of capacities in order to be able to react to workload peaks
Fast provision of updates to ensure that you are always up to date
Secure connection of the cloud solution to your existing networks through encrypted IPsec VPN connections

Additional advantage of private cloud solutions

Customization of the instance to the exact requirements of your company
High level of customization
Influence on the timing of release updates

Our services do not end with hosting

We provide good service for all aspects of hosting

Good service? Guaranteed with us! Our hosting offer goes hand in hand with a reliable managed service offer. We take on various tasks for you, giving you plenty of time to focus on your core business. We know exactly what we are doing.

Would you like an implementation in your own data center?

You would prefer to use your own infrastructure? Here, too, we can advise you on configuration and security as well as administration and maintenance and accompany you during implementation.

Contact Us

Contact us, if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a customised quote.

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