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Whether a prospective customer becomes a client depends largely on the professionalism and accessibility of your organization and their representatives by phone. Branded Voicemail by Hiprocall is a professional telephone announcement service that aims to enhance a company’s image and retain customers through high-quality voicemail greetings when an employee is not able to answer the phone in person. EBF is pleased to welcome Hiprocall as a new partner to help customers deliver a great user experience on the phone.  

First Impression Matters

After work hours, on weekends, during vacation or while in meetings, employees may not always be personally available to answer calls. Unfortunately, many professionals neglect to make sure that they have a business-appropriate voicemail greeting set up on their work phone and most companies also don’t offer any tool which helps to set up a professional voicemail. 

When a caller hears only the unanswered ringing and does not get any information on the availability of the person, the caller might try to get hold of the person again and again. That can be very frustrating. On the other hand, if your voicemail is a default automated message or sounds too informal, the potential customers may question your credentials. They might doubt they have the correct number or opt not to leave a message, resulting in missing out on crucial information or losing prospective business. 

According to a survey conducted by RingCentral, 63% of people prefer to leave a voicemail message when trying to reach someone, while only 37% prefer to send an email or text. This suggests that having a professionally recorded voicemail greeting may be more effective in retaining potential customers and can give a company an edge over their competitors by providing a more personalized and professional touch.

So, there are many reasons why it is recommended to have a professional voicemail greeting message that is clearly stated. It leaves a positive impression on clients and potential customers. In this way, calling a cell phone is just as legitimate as calling the front desk of your business. When you’re unable to answer, your voicemail is your virtual receptionist. 

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Taking voicemail to the next level 

This is where Hiprocall comes in: Hiprocall provides a professional and welcoming greeting to callers when the employee is not able to answer the phone in person. It can also make customers aware of offers and self-serve online methods of transacting. Hiprocall can be especially valuable in the following areas: 

  • Increase Brand Recognition

    Branded Voicemail by Hiprocall can promote a company's image and build brand recognition. Professional speakers and catchy melodies can leave a lasting impression on callers and help a business stand out from the competition.  Every time a customer calls, it’s a marketing opportunity to promote your brand.

  • Reduce Call Losses

    When callers are greeted in a professional way, they are more likely to stay on the line and potentially become customers. In contrast, long waiting loops or unsympathetic voices can lead to callers hanging up and potentially not calling back. 

  • Real-Time Updates

    A calendar integration function will enable employees to plan, switch between, and activate voice messages on their own accord. For instance, if an employee is on vacation, the voicemail message includes information, such as another colleague's phone number, and the date they plan to return. Once the employee is back, the voicemail will be updated as scheduled.

What can EBF do?

As a provider of solutions for the entire Device Life Cycle in the Modern Workspace and Employee Experience, we collaborate with partners such as Hiprocall to help organizations get the most out of their investments in these devices. 

EBF can provide an overview of the various licensing options and advise on which model is best for your organization and help with the rollout and implementation across various carriers as well as consolidate billing for convenience. As well as support companies in implementing the Branded Voicemail service into their Office 365 and telecommunications infrastructure, including providing direct carrier billing if needed. The provision of licenses is quick and easy, and companies can test Branded Voicemail by Hiprocall for free for 90 days to see the benefits firsthand. 

Once you try it you will never want to record your voicemail greeting yourself. Your customers will thank you for giving them clear information about your availability and leave with a positive impression of your brand!

Karl-Heinz Häuslein

CEO Hiprocall

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Hiprocall or start a 90-day trial

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