Simple device management – especially for complex requirements

VMware’s Workspace ONE UEM (formerly AirWatch) is a Unified Endpoint Management solution that allows you to manage all of your devices, applications, and content in a well-structured way. In particular, complex corporate structures and use cases can be mapped well thanks to the multi-client capability. The platform can be operated intuitively and has a very uniform structure. And offers many features that make life easier for administrators. But there are a few things to consider for a successful and profitable implementation.

As a VCPP (VMware Cloud Provider Program) Professional Partner of VMware, we have in-depth knowledge of the platform and combine this with countless experiences in the mobility area. You benefit from the best possible configuration of Workspace ONE UEM and a smooth implementation, where we take all your requirements into account.

Our services

Analysis and conception

We analyze your requirements in detail and create a concept that is tailored to them. We advise you on how you can represent your use cases with Workspace ONE UEM and set up policies. This way, we create a high level of transparency and make your administrators' work easier.
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Implementation in your data center

You want to host Workspace ONE UEM in your data center? No problem. We create the necessary conditions in your infrastructure so that the platform can be smoothly implemented on your servers – taking into account all your requirements.
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We plan the rollout and ensure a smooth introduction of Workspace ONE UEM – with little effort for your IT and employees. Your users will immediately benefit from an improved mobile work experience.


We will show you the differences between the different licenses and advise you which model is the right one for you. We will provide you with the right licenses promptly.

Hosting in our data center

We can host Workspace ONE UEM in our certified, high-performance, and scalable data center. Deployment is done in the shortest possible time and reliable operation is always guaranteed.
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Switch to our data center

Would you like to relieve your infrastructure and host Workspace ONE UEM in our data center? We create a concept for the migration and carry it out smoothly.

Change of the UEM system

You already have a UEM system in use and want to switch to Workspace ONE UEM? We help you with our EBF Onboarder to perform the migration largely automated.

After the implementation of Workspace ONE UEM, we will still be at your side. We offer you various support packages that ensure smooth operation.

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Get in touch if you’d like to know more about VMware Workspace ONE or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be delighted to advise you and put together a package tailored to your specific needs.

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VMware Workspace ONE UEM - Flexibler Anwendungszugriff für Mobilegeräte

VMware Workspace ONE UEM ist eine intelligente Plattform, über die Sie sämtliche Endgeräte, Anwendungen und Inhalte verwalten können, und unterstützt damit die Digitalisierung des Arbeitsplatzes. Denn die Sicherheit und Compliance aller Endgeräte kann über das UEM gewährleistet und Ihren Mitarbeitern dadurch ein flexibles Arbeiten mit hoher Nutzerfreundlichkeit ermöglicht werden – bei überschaubarem Aufwand für Ihre IT.

Das UEM hat drei wesentliche Komponenten: das Mobile Device Management, das Mobile Content Management und das Mobile Application Management

Komponenten von VMware Workspace ONE UEM

workspace one mdm

Mobile Device Management – mobile Geräteverwaltung

App-Übersicht im App Directory

  • Übersicht und Monitoring aller Apps, inkl. Kennzeichnung des Laufzeitendes
  • Administration, Qualitätssicherung und Updates von bestehenden Apps

Automatisierung des App-Einreichens

  • Upload von Metadaten, direktes Feedback zu eingereichten Daten und bei Bedarf unmittelbare Korrektur der Daten
  • Überprüfung der technischen Spezifikationen
  • Automatisches Signieren von Apps unter Verwendung des aktuellsten Provisioning Profiles

Optimierung des Freigabeprozesses

  • Definition von Rollen mit unterschiedlichen Rechten
  • Automatisierter Freigabeprozess
  • Sicherstellung von Compliance-Konformität

Kompatibilität mit allen gängigen App Stores

  • Enterprise App Stores: MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE
  • Public App Stores: Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Wissenstransfer durch Coding-Guidelines für Entwickler

Mobile Content Management – mobile Inhaltsverwaltung

Die Mobile Content Management-Komponente erlaubt Ihren Mitarbeitern in Abhängigkeit von deren Rollen einen sicheren Zugriff auf Dateien – zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort. 

  • Datenschutzkonformer Versand von Dateien 
  • Bearbeitung von Office-Dokumenten 
  • Kommentierung von PDF-Dateien 
  • Speicherung von Dateien als Favorit 
  • Offline-Zugriff auf Favoriten 
workspace one MCM
Workspace One MAM

Mobile Application Management – mobile Anwendungsverwaltung

Über die Mobile Application Management-Komponente können Sie den gesamten Lebenszyklus von Applikationen verwalten – sicher und effizient. VMware Workspace ONE UEM bietet zudem sichere Anwendungen für E-Mails, Kalender, Kontakte und das Surfen, die über eine hohe Nutzerfreundlichkeit sowie höchste Sicherheitsstandards verfügen und produktives Arbeiten ermöglichen.

Workspace ONE Zugriffsmanagement

Einfaches Zugriffsmanagement

VMware Workspace ONE UEM stellt sicher, dass nur autorisierte Anwender mit autorisierten Geräten Zugriff auf Ihre Unternehmensdaten erhalten. Durch eine Berücksichtigung des Authentifizierungskontextes kann entweder eine Multifaktor-Authentifizierung für hohe Sicherheit oder ein Single-Sign-On für hohe Nutzerfreundlichkeit sorgen.

VMware Workspace ONE UEM – for flexible access to from mobile devices

VMware Workspace ONE UEM solution is an intelligent platform that allows you to manage all your end devices, apps, and content, and thus supports the digitalization of the workplace. UEM can guarantee that all end devices are not only secure, but also compliant, allowing your employees a flexible approach to working, backed up by impressive ease of use – all with a manageable workload for your IT team. UEM has three key elements: Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management, and Mobile Application Management.

Components of VMware Workspace ONE UEM

workspace one m

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management can be used to manage and protect your devices from a central location – whether Windows, Android, MacOS, or iOS, allowing you to:

  • define security policies
  • set up and roll out devices
  • gain an overview of device stocks and their status
  • provide remote support and troubleshooting.

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management offers your employees secure access to files – any time, any place – depending on their position in the company, giving them the ability to:

  • send files in line with data protection regulations
  • edit Office documents
  • comment on pdf files
  • save files as favorites
  • access favorites offline.
workspace one MCM
Workspace One MAM

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management allows you to manage the entire app lifecycle securely and efficiently. VMware Workspace ONE UEM also offers secure apps for e-mail, calendars, contacts, and internet browsing, guaranteeing impressive ease of use and extremely high security standards, and improving productivity in the process.

Workspace ONE Zugriffsmanagement

Simple Access Management

VMware Workspace ONE UEM makes sure that only authorized users with authorized devices can access your company data. By assessing the authentication context, you can decide whether to apply multi-factor authentication to ensure a high level of security or single sign-on to ensure ease of use.

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