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Access workflows quickly and easily from mobile devices

Do you want your staff to be able to access their workflows from their mobile devices?

To ensure that processes run smoothly, it must be possible to access and handle them from any device and without any gap between online and offline media. This is the only way to offer your business partners and customers a high level of service, while guaranteeing efficient working relationships with colleagues. Many desktop applications are still not fully optimized for mobile use and are not really suitable for use on tablets or smartphones. Nor do they meet the high data protection requirements in many cases.

Efficient workflows thanks to forms optimized for mobile use

EBF Forms offers you the chance to make SharePoint less complex and handle work processes quickly and easily via mobile devices. This solution allows you to create centralized SharePoint forms, reduce them to the most necessary elements for ease of use and fast viewing and editing, and make them available on the move. This simplifies many processes, from inventories to compiling reports.

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Lean process

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Create forms

Forms can be compiled simply and intuitively by drag & drop in the back-end, then made available to end users via an app.

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Fill in forms

Users can retrieve the forms in the app, then complete and submit them via a user-friendly interface.

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Process data

Once submitted, the data is automatically sent to SharePoint lists, where it can be processed accordingly.

Possible applications

Vacation planning

submitting vacation requests

Fleet management

updating logbooks

Compiling reports

submitting reports on customer meetings

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Sick notes

submitting medical insurance certificates

Expenses claims

submitting receipts


completing inventory documents

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Easy to integrate and share

To use EBF Forms, all you need is your SharePoint server, the EBF Forms app, and a server to manage the app. Integrating the product in your infrastructure and sharing the app are perfectly straightforward. EBF Forms can easily be incorporated in the Unified Endpoint Management systems MobileIron, VMware Workplace ONE, and BlackBerry® UEM.

EBF Forms benefits

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Backend and app can be used intuitively and forms can be created via drag & drop.

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Structured data retrievel

Data is uniformly collected and can be easily processed.


Security and data protection compliance

High security and data protection standards (DSGVO) are fulfilled.

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Time savings

Work processes are optimized and thus a lot of time is saved.

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