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Unleash the full potential of the Modern Workplace – challenges, opportunities, recommendations

Tomorrows digital workplace whitepaper

Flexible, digital work has long been seen as the work model of the future. However, what was previously only an option suddenly became a necessity in 2020. How have European companies addressed these challenges? What steps do they still need to take? Those are just some of the questions the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA) explored in a comprehensive survey with 329 participants from across Europe. The survey produced exciting but alarming findings: Even though many organizations have realized the initial foundations for mobile working, most still leave great potential untapped.

Download the report to gain insights into existing challenges, discover potential and get recommendations for action. Find out how to make your employees not only more satisfied but also more motivated and productive, regardless of whether you are just starting out or looking to refine existing plans.

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  • Modern Workplace Security: Essential security measures for a modern, digital workplace
  • Employee Experience: The right balance between security and user experience
  • True Technology: The untapped potential of existing technologies
  • Mobility Experts: Sparring partners for internal IT

About Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA)

The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance, of which EBF is a member, is the largest community of digital workplace experts in Europe. The member companies are specialists in modern, digital technologies. They have comprehensive know-how, many years of experience, and an extensive network. They offer consulting, conception, development, implementation, support, and managed services that help realize modern workplaces.

The network aims to have a continuous exchange about technological aspects, solutions, best practices, and market trends to offer customers the best possible solutions and services. This enables all member companies to react faster to new trends and changes in the market, develop innovative solutions, and support their customers in overcoming their challenges.

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