Cloud- or On-Premise Solution

Different operating models for every requirement

The choice is yours: cloud-based hosting or installation in your computer center

Most of the solutions are available both as on-premise and cloud-based options. In the on-premise option, the solution is installed in your own computer center, whereas in the cloud option your chosen solution is reliably operated from our own secure computer center – available as a public or private cloud option in some cases.

Cloud-Solution (Public und Private)

We take care of the provision, administration, security and maintenance of the solutions via EBF’s scalable German computer center, which is IS0 27001 certified.


We install your chosen solution in your computer center and ensure that it is ideally adjusted to your infrastructure. Your IT department are responsible for configuration, management, security, and maintenance.

Secure, ultra-efficient infrastructure

Our computer center is based in Germany and is ISO 27001 certified. In other words, it complies with the highest security and data protection standards. The infrastructure itself is a high-performance, state-of-the-art system offering dedicated network and machine resources. In turn, this allows us to offer high levels of data connection and transmission security, improved connection stability, and optimized data throughput.

By the same token, we can ensure that our partners’ computer centers also meet the highest security and data protection standards.

And even if you decide to use your own infrastructure, we can still offer advice on configuration, management, protection, and maintenance issues.

Seamless installation and reliable operation

Whichever operating model you choose, we guarantee seamless installation and reliable operation of your selected solution. We are always on hand to guide you and your colleagues expertly through the process. You will benefit from our many years of experience with a wide range of projects and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant solutions.

Want to find out more?

Your contact at EBF

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our operating models or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be delighted to advise you and put together a package tailored to your specific needs.

Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 120-122, 50968 Cologne


Cloud-Lösung (Public und Private)

Hierbei kann die Installation bei manchen Lösungen entweder auf einer Instanz erfolgen, die von mehreren Unternehmen verwendet wird (Public Cloud), oder auf einer dedizierten Instanz (Private Cloud).

Vorteile der Public und Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Schnellstmögliche Implementierung und Nutzbarkeit
  • Entlastung Ihrer IT-Abteilung durch die Auslagerung von Tätigkeiten und einen zentralen Ansprechpartner
  • Entlastung der Infrastruktur, da Hardware-Investitionen nicht notwendig sind
  • Höchste Sicherheits- und Datenschutzstandards durch die Nutzung eines deutschen Rechenzentrums, zertifiziert nach ISO 27001
  • Hohe Qualität durch eine hochverfügbare Infrastruktur mit erhöhter Verbindungsstabilität und optimiertem Datendurchsatz sowie durch ausgiebiges Testen neuer Versionen und eine schnelle Problembehandlung

Zusätzliche Vorteile der Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Exakte Anpassung der Instanz auf die Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens
  • Einfluss auf den Zeitpunkt von Release-Updates


Vorteile einer On-Premise-Lösung

  • Volle Kontrolle für Ihr Unternehmen über das System und die Daten
  • Kundenindividuelle Implementierung

Cloud solution (public and private)

With some solutions, the installation can be carried out either on an instance used by several companies (public cloud) or on a dedicated instance (private cloud).

Benefits of public and private cloud solutions

  • Ultra-quick implementation and usability
  • Relieves your IT team’s workload by outsourcing certain activities and providing a central point of contact
  • Relieves the burden on your infrastructure as there’s no need to invest in new hardware
  • Maximum security and data protection standards because we use a German computer center, ISO 27001 certified
  • High quality standards guaranteed by an infrastructure with optimum availability levels, plus improved connection stability and optimized data throughput. New versions are extensively tested, and fast troubleshooting gives you peace of mind

Additional benefits of private cloud solutions

  • Customized to meet your company’s requirements
  • Possible to control the time updates are released

On-premise solution

Benefits of an on-premise solution

  • Full control for your company over the system and data
  • Customized implementation
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