EBF supports reforestation efforts in Germany

Hot summers, powerful storms and the bark beetle are placing forests in Germany and around the world under ever more strain. Alongside many other factors, this development also represents a threat to our climate.

That is why EBF has decided to get involved in the creation of new forests in Germany. Donations made to the PRIMAKLIMA charitable organization have enabled the planting of 4,000 native saplings in two areas of Saxony. We are delighted that our EBF company forests are making a contribution to climate protection.

The EBF company forest in Saxony

In spring 2021, our donation enabled the planting of 2,000 saplings over an area of 5,000 square meters in Raun, in the Upper Vogtland region – these included native tree species suitable for the location, such as sycamore, witch elm and silver fir. They were planted by hand and are displaying definite signs of gradual growth.

Our involvement continues one year later, as we enable the planting of another 2,000 saplings in Rothenburg, in the district of Görling. This will be the location for another new mixed woodland with tree species specially selected for this location – such as common oak, hornbeam, littleleaf linden and Norway maple.

Read more about the projects here

Marco Foellmer Profil

Doing our bit for the environment is an important issue for us – it is one of the most important topics of our times. That is why we are delighted to be making a contribution with our EBF company forests, seeing the trees grow and committing to continue our involvement in years to come. We intend to continue to invest in reforestation in the future.

Marco Föllmer

Founder and Managing Partner of EBF

Why are our forests so important?

Record summer temperatures, powerful storms in spring and autumn and the bark beetle are all putting Germany’s forests under ever-increasing strain. Areas of dead forest are becoming a more common feature of the landscape here. This is a major problem in many respects:

  • On the one hand, it is a problem for our environment: Ultimately, trees are able to absorb and sequester carbon from the air. This means that they reduce the level of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, suppress temperature increases and also emit vital oxygen. Reforestation and the establishment of native mixed woodlands, which are able to withstand such conditions, are therefore crucial measures as we battle the climate crisis. The disastrous flooding seen last year clearly shows just how critical it is.
  • Trees also contribute to the protection of soil and ground water. The forest soil, rich in organic matter, and the roots function as a natural filter, protecting soil and water from pollutants.
  • Forests also create valuable habitat for birds, insects and other animals – contributing to species conservation.
  • And we humans benefit from forest as well, of course: They provide us with areas for rest and recuperation, increasing our quality of life and making regions more attractive.


PRIMAKLIMA is a charitable organization that has been advocating for forest retention and reforestation for 30 years. The selection process for reforestation projects is based on transparent criteria and takes place in cooperation with external, independent forestry experts. The forest areas are visited regularly to evaluate the success of the projects.

PRIMAKLIMA has already realized numerous forestry projects around the world, and has already planted more than 14 million trees.

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