Reliable management of your end devices – with the plus in security

BlackBerry is one of the leading manufacturers of technologies for secure digital communication. The BlackBerry® UEM Unified Endpoint Management system enables IT teams to efficiently manage devices, applications and content. Innovative security features ensure digital work under the highest security standards. But there are a few things to consider when implementing the solution – especially in order to achieve optimal interaction with other technologies.


As an Emerald Partner, EBF provides deep knowledge of BlackBerry® UEM and combines this with the experience gained from numerous mobility projects. We know the specifics and challenges of the technologies in detail and can advise customers comprehensively. Thanks to close contact with the manufacturer and our in-house development department, we can also serve new and individual requirements. This makes us the ideal partner to get the best out of BlackBerry technologies and to implement projects to realize the digital workplace quickly, easily and securely.

Our services

Analysis and conception

We analyze your mobility landscape and requirements and create a concept for the introduction of BlackBerry® UEM that suits you perfectly. In doing so, we pay particular attention to ensuring that interfaces to other technologies – e.g. Domino servers – are taken into account. In the case of complex requirements, the integration of additional solutions such as BlackBerry® Dynamics or third-party solutions may be necessary. We plan and implement these optimally.
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Implementation in your data center

We take over the installation of BlackBerry® UEM in your data center and adapt the technology optimally to your infrastructure.
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We create an individual concept for the rollout in your company and support you in every phase with our know-how. This ensures a smooth rollout – for IT and users.

Optimization of existing infrastructures

We analyze your existing infrastructure and draw your attention to risks and optimization potentials. This way, we can solve existing conflicts of technologies, stabilize the system, increase performance and significantly simplify processes like user authentication.

Hosting in our data center

The BlackBerry solution can be operated in our scalable and certified hosting infrastructure. Always available and stable. Our experts ensure reliable and fast deployment, high security and maintenance of the platform.
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We explain the differences between the different licenses and advise you which license model suits you best.

Change of the UEM system

Do you already have a UEM system in use but want to switch to Blackberry® UEM? With our own migration solution, the EBF Onboarder, an uncomplicated and fast change is possible.


We are still there for you after the introduction of BlackBerry® UEM. Our individual support packages ensure smooth operation. We reliably take care of maintenance, updates and problem solving.

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We can take over demanding tasks for you, for example, changing configurations, users, devices and applications. In this way we can relieve your IT even further.

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Get in touch if you’d like to know more about BlackBerry or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be delighted to advise you and put together a package tailored to your specific needs.

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BlackBerry® UEM – Mit Fokus auf Datensicherheit und -Integrität

BlackBerry® UEM ist eine bewährte Lösung zur Verwaltung von Geräten, Anwendungen und Inhalten sowie zur Kontrolle von Richtlinien über eine Plattform und damit eine wichtige Grundlage für den digitalen Arbeitsplatz. Digitales und flexibles Arbeiten wird dank BlackBerry® UEM sicher und effizient möglich.

Zu dem UEM gehören drei wesentliche Komponenten: das Mobile Device Management, das Mobile Content Management und das Mobile Application Management.

Komponenten von BlackBerry® UEM

blackberry uem screenshot

Mobile Device Management – mobile Geräteverwaltung

Die Mobile Device Management-Komponente dient der sicheren Verwaltung von Endgeräten über eine Konsole – unabhängig vom Gerät, Betriebssystem und Eigentumsmodell. Hierüber lassen sich unter anderem folgende Aktionen ausführen:

  • Definition von Sicherheitsrichtlinien
  • Einrichtung der Geräte entsprechend der Unternehmensvorgaben
  • Zugriffskontrolle und Löschen von Unternehmensdaten

Mobile Content Management – mobile Inhaltsverwaltung

Die Mobile Content Management-Komponente gewährt Mitarbeitern Zugriff auf Unternehmensdaten verschiedener Content Repositories und bietet eine native Bearbeitungsfunktion. Höchster Schutz wird hierbei garantiert.

blackberry shield
blackberry apps

Mobile Application Management – mobile Anwendungsverwaltung

Die Mobile Application Management-Komponente dient der zentralen Verwaltung von Applikationen. Hierzu zählt auch eine Funktion, mittels derer Ihre Mitarbeiter über neue Unternehmens-Apps und Updates informiert werden können.

Intelligentes Zugriffsmanagement

BlackBerry® UEM verfügt über ein intelligentes Zugriffsmanagement. Dieses macht die Definition von Richtlinien und die Nutzung der Multifaktor-Authentifizierung ebenso möglich wie die Nutzung von Single-Sign-On.

intelligentes Zugriffsmanagement
verschiedene Blackberry Betriebssysteme

Verwaltung für verschiedene Betriebssysteme und Eigentumsmodelle

BlackBerry® UEM ist für heterogene Gerätelandschaften geeignet und kann für verschiedene Betriebssysteme (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android) sowie für verschiedene Gerätetypen verwendet werden:

  • für Unternehmensgeräte, die ausschließlich beruflich genutzt werden (Company Owned, Business Only – COBO)
  • für Unternehmensgeräte, die auch privat genutzt werden (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled – COPE)
  • für private Geräte, die auch beruflich genutzt werden (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD)

BlackBerry® UEM – With a focus on data protection and data integrity

BlackBerry is one of the leading suppliers of technology for secure digital communication and one of the leading suppliers of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems. BlackBerry® UEM is a tried and tested solution for managing devices, apps, and content, and controlling policy using a single platform. As such, it underpins the digital workplace.

BlackBerry® UEM makes flexible digital working a reality – securely and efficiently. UEM has three key components: Mobile Device Management, Mobile Content Management, and Mobile Application Management.

Components of von BlackBerry® UEM

blackberry uem screenshot

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management seeks to securely manage end devices from one control panel regardless of the device, operating system, or ownership model. Examples of possible actions include:

  • defining security policies
  • setting up devices in line with company requirements
  • access control and deleting company data

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management allows employees to access company data in a range of content repositories and offers native editing functions, guaranteeing maximum protection in the process.

blackberry shield
blackberry apps

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management offers the ability to manage apps from a central location – including a function to keep employees up-to-date with the latest company apps and other updates.

Intelligent Access Management

BlackBerry® UEM offers intelligent access management. This allows you to define policies and implement multi-factor authentication, plus it offers the single sign-on functionality.

intelligentes Zugriffsmanagement
verschiedene Blackberry Betriebssyst

Managing different operating systems and ownership models

BlackBerry® UEM is ideally suited to a wide range of device landscapes and can be used with different operating systems (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android) and for different types of devices:

  • for company devices that are only used for business purposes (Company-Owned, Business-Only – COBO)
  • for company devices that are also used for private purposes (Corporate-Owned, Personally- Enabled – COPE)
  • for private devices that are also used for business purposes (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD)
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