Working productively at home – with tips from the EBF team Part 2

Two years of remote work – EBF employees recently reached this mark. Despite a return to the office, the majority of employees will continue to work from home for 2 days per week – something that had already proved to be a positive experience for many. To ensure the continued success of working from home, EBF colleagues share their tips and tricks from two solid years of remote work.

Part 1 revealed how structures and routines, as well as a well-equipped workplace, can help to increase home office productivity. Did you miss the article? Catch up here: Working productively at home – part 1

Breaks and balance

When working from home, it can easily be the case that one meeting swiftly follows another and you hardly take a step outside the front door – that can make a remote work day long and demanding. Therefore, it is important to take regular breaks and compensate for the normally sedentary work – for mental and physical wellbeing. This can include taking a walk in the fresh air, a power nap in your lunch break, or going for an evening jog.

This can prove to be a challenge for many. Consciously scheduling and taking breaks can help. Remote work offers plenty of freedoms and more time – we just need to make use of it. For more movement during the day, conscious relaxation or more inspiration.

It does me good to go for a walk occasionally, listening to a podcast, or TED Talk for fresh momentum. And nothing beats a yoga session to start the day!

Nadine Hermeling

Team Lead Marketing @ EBF

Motivation: the inner drive

The fridge, the TV, or the bath that really needs a clean: unfortunately, there are more distractions at home than in the office. Routine and planning help to keep these to a minimum. However, one more component is required for really effective work: individual motivation. Everyone has their own way of encouraging motivation.

Some like to make after-work plans, while others listen to music while they work.

like to start work early – after-work plans also motivate me to work productively, so that I finish on time. Communication with the team is very important for me – I can experience part of the EBF culture at home. For example, being able to help new colleagues with a problem also makes me happy.

Sidi Mohamad Nabaoui

Support Engineer @ EBF

At EBF, team spirit and communication with colleagues is a key component of the corporate culture. Of course, this was missing from home office. The teams organized regular online meetings to help with cooperative, private exchanges. This allows us to stay in touch from a distance and promotes mutual contact.

Preparation is everything

For many EBF colleagues, a varied diet remains a challenge when working from home. The in-house canteen provides the EBF team in the office with various daily specials and a salad bar – quite a few people would also like that at home. Too little time, too little inspiration, an empty fridge – these are the most frequent obstacles to regular, balanced meals when working from home. Cookbooks or food blogs (e.g., this one from EBF colleague Ayse) contain new, quick recipe ideas for the home office kitchen.

Or you can follow the example of EBF colleague Andreas, who prepares his home office meals a day in advance.

In the evening, I often prepare breakfast and drinks for the next day. This saves time in the morning and allows me to start the day in a more relaxed fashion.

Andreas Koltzer

IT Service Specialist @ EBF


We have all realized how smoothly working from home can go – especially if you establish routines, create a positive environment and structures, and make sure to take breaks.

So, it is great that this will remain part of the EBF daily routine. Many EBF colleagues really appreciate the time they have saved and their increased flexibility. At the same time, we are also looking forward to seeing our colleagues in person on a regular basis again and to making use of the opportunity for communication, cooperation, innovation, and creativity in our new, modern office spaces.

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