“Programming and being creative?” – We are looking forward to the first EBF Girls’Day!

We are a little excited. This year, we are organising our first EBF Girls’Day together with the codiviti initiative to get girls* interested in the world of IT work. On this day, a group of around 10 girls* from Year 7 and 8 can experience how much fun it is to programme something yourself and how creative IT can be. In addition to an insight into our working world, we will also be organising a workshop design a bracelet that not only looks good, but above all can do something thanks to Microbits. The motto of the day is: “Programming and being creative? – Future IT girls show how it’s done!”. In this blog article, we reveal why we are organising a Girls’ Day, what is planned for the day and why we are working with codiviti.

What is Girls' Day all about?

Girls’ Day gives girls* the opportunity to familiarise themselves with professions in which few women have previously worked. These are primarily professions in the fields of IT, skilled trades, natural sciences and technology. They also have the opportunity to meet female role models in leading positions in business and politics.

Why are we organising an EBF Girls' Day?

The shortage of skilled labour is a growing problem, particularly in the IT sector. According to the Bitkom study on the labour market for IT specialists, around 149,000 IT positions were vacant in 2023 – 12,000 more than in the previous year. 77% of the companies surveyed fear that the situation will worsen in the coming years due to demographic developments. It is therefore incredibly important to counteract the shortage of skilled labour. In addition to a number of other measures, the promotion of young IT talent plays a very important role – also for us. This is precisely why it is part of our sustainability vision to get children interested in IT and make it easier for them to enter the IT world. And this is especially true for young girls. A Bitkom study from 2022 came to the conclusion that only 7% of the companies surveyed had a proportion of women of 26-50%. 11% of IT companies had no women at all in their workforce and 76% had less than 25% women. Unfortunately, we also have to count ourselves among the 76% – but we are determined to change this. We want to take a first step in this direction with Girls’ Day. 🙂

What is planned for Girls' Day at EBF?

Girls’ Day takes place on 25 April this year. On this day, we will introduce the EBF to a group of around 10 girls* from Year 7 and 8, give them an insight into our professions and answer questions about training and work experience. The main item on the programme will be a workshop in which the girls* will design a bracelet that not only looks good, but can also do something. This is because the participants* will learn to programme microbits that are integrated into the bracelet. The aim is to show them how much fun programming is and how creative IT can be. We can also learn something from this and are excited to see how it works! And that’s where codiviti comes in… 🙂

Why do we work with codiviti?

In preparing for the day and on the day itself, we will be supported by the codiviti initiative, which is committed to digital education and equal opportunities for children in a variety of ways. Through project days, working groups, holiday camps and many other initiatives, codiviti teaches children aged 6 to 14 the basics of coding, encourages creativity and awakens their interest in digital topics. During the projects, the children learn to think ahead, to look at things from a different perspective and to divide tasks into many small tasks. They realise that coding doesn’t just start at the computer and are able to work things out on their own and achieve successes that motivate them to stay on the ball. The team therefore knows exactly how to introduce girls* to the topic on Girls’ Day. 🙂

But it wasn’t just the idea of a Girls’ Day that excited us. We also think the other codiviti initiatives are great. We therefore also work with the team in other areas, such as setting up and managing iPads, which are used when schools do not have the necessary technical equipment. And we support codiviti in organising project days and holiday camps where children can immerse themselves in the world of IT. Our colleagues accompany the experienced codiviti teachers on the courses and help with IT expertise.

All these programmes provide children and schools with important stimuli that they often do not receive in everyday school and family life, but which are so important for the future.

* and genderqueer kids

girls day anmelden

Are you in year 7 or 8 and want to take part? Then we look forward to your registration! Or forward the link if you know girls* who might be interested.

We are already looking forward to an exciting day!

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