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Loss of quality and transparency in mobile network connections

In order to enable employees to work productively on the move, access to company data and applications should be possible everywhere. That being said, the connection quality outside the owned office network can only be influenced to a limited extent by the IT department.   With patchy 4G mobile coverage and a multitude of unsecured public networks, the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops makes mobile working a test of patience for employees – and a security risk for companies.   Insecure mobile networks can be a gateway for criminals and thus endanger the IT security of the company. At the same time, poor network performance leads to an increase in helpdesk calls from mobile users, whose problems are difficult to track due to a lack of data. This makes it much more difficult for internal IT teams to diagnose issues.

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NetMotion® for improved performance and connection stability

The versatile NetMotion® solution improves the user experience of employees, especially in connection with voice and video apps, and simplifies the day-to-day jobs of IT administrators. For example, NetMotion® enables mobile working by optimizing the connectivity and video-conferencing quality of apps such as Teams, Skype for Business and Webex. It also offers IT teams improved analysis and optimization options for device, application and network activities.

EBF as NetMotion Partner

We support you with the implementation of  NetMotion® and the seamless integration with your UEM system. In doing so, we are always available to advise and support you and your IT team. We unterstand the possibilities and functions of NetMotion® in detail and work closely with the manufacturer. This enables us to develop solutions for you together with the manufacturer, even for individual functional requests.

Sie haben die Wahl: Hosting in der Cloud oder Installation in Ihrem Rechenzentrum?

Cloud solution:

As the only European partner we offer you the possibility to use NetMotion® as a cloud solution - hosted in the secure data center of EBF. You benefit from a reliable service as well as high availability and stability.

On-premise solution

Or opt for the on-premise variant and retain full control of your IT landscape. We ensure a smooth installation of the solution in your own data centers according to your requirements.

NetMotion Mobility®: Smooth mobile access

NetMotion Mobility® is a mobile VPN software that provides employees with stable and encrypted network connections that are optimized for transporting voice and video data. This ensures secure mobile working even under difficult conditions (such as roaming between low bandwidth networks) and improves the user experience.   If an employee moves with his or her mobile device through different networks with various connection strengths, the software automatically carries out transparent and secure connection changes between mobile, Wi-Fi and cable networks in the background. This ensures a seamless connection and prevents data loss or multiple log-ins.   In addition, NetMotion Mobility® significantly optimizes the connection quality in use, by automatically reducing the size of large files during mobile transmission, thus accelerating the transfer speed. NetMotion Mobility® can be seamlessly integrated into common Enterprise Mobility or Unified Endpoint Management systems.

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Netmotion Diagnostics

NetMotion Diagnostics®

NetMotion Diagnostics® enables IT managers to remotely identify the causes of mobile device connectivity problems. To do this, NetMotion Diagnostics® captures activity data from the mobile device, the infrastructure components used, the corporate server, or the private or public network on which the employee is located. With just a few clicks, administrators can identify connection problems and take corrective action.

NetMotion Mobile IQ®: Visualization of mobile performance

With the help of NetMotion MobileIQ®, activity data captured by NetMotion Mobility® and NetMotion Diagnostics® can be clearly displayed in dashboards. Real-time analysis of device, application, and network activity can be accessed, subscribed to, and captured. Data can also be searched by device or user and sorted by location and time stamps. This enables IT teams to accurately track activities and chains of action, meaning they can accurately identify and assess the root causes of problems. This data analysis is critical to IT managers who need to process helpdesk requests from employees quickly and efficiently.

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Advantages of NetMotion® at a glance

Want to find out more?

Your contact at EBF

Contact us if you would like to find out more about NetMotion ® or other digital workplace solutions . We would be happy to advise you, make you an individual offer and offer you the opportunity to test the solution for a month.

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Cloud-Lösung (Public und Private)

Hierbei kann die Installation bei manchen Lösungen entweder auf einer Instanz erfolgen, die von mehreren Unternehmen verwendet wird (Public Cloud), oder auf einer dedizierten Instanz (Private Cloud).

Vorteile der Public und Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Schnellstmögliche Implementierung und Nutzbarkeit
  • Entlastung Ihrer IT-Abteilung durch die Auslagerung von Tätigkeiten und einen zentralen Ansprechpartner
  • Entlastung der Infrastruktur, da Hardware-Investitionen nicht notwendig sind
  • Höchste Sicherheits- und Datenschutzstandards durch die Nutzung eines deutschen Rechenzentrums, zertifiziert nach ISO 27001
  • Hohe Qualität durch eine hochverfügbare Infrastruktur mit erhöhter Verbindungsstabilität und optimiertem Datendurchsatz sowie durch ausgiebiges Testen neuer Versionen und eine schnelle Problembehandlung

Zusätzliche Vorteile der Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Exakte Anpassung der Instanz auf die Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens
  • Einfluss auf den Zeitpunkt von Release-Updates


Vorteile einer On-Premise-Lösung

  • Volle Kontrolle für Ihr Unternehmen über das System und die Daten
  • Kundenindividuelle Implementierung

Cloud solution (public and private)

With some solutions, the installation can be carried out either on an instance used by several companies (public cloud) or on a dedicated instance (private cloud).

Benefits of public and private cloud solutions

  • Ultra-quick implementation and usability
  • Relieves your IT team’s workload by outsourcing certain activities and providing a central point of contact
  • Relieves the burden on your infrastructure as there’s no need to invest in new hardware
  • Maximum security and data protection standards because we use a German computer center, ISO 27001 certified
  • High quality standards guaranteed by an infrastructure with optimum availability levels, plus improved connection stability and optimized data throughput. New versions are extensively tested, and fast troubleshooting gives you peace of mind

Additional benefits of private cloud solutions

  • Customized to meet your company’s requirements
  • Possible to control the time updates are released

On-premise solution

Benefits of an on-premise solution

  • Full control for your company over the system and data
  • Customized implementation