How to change a Unified Endpoint Management system

Already using a Unified Endpoint Management system to manage devices in your company, but you’d like to switch to another system or from an on-premise to a cloud solution? But switching seems like far too much effort? We have come up with the perfect solution for your needs: the EBF Onboarder.

Migrate to leading UEM solutions

EBF Onboarder provides a largely automated method for switching to leading UEM solutions offered by Ivanti, Microsoft, VMware, BlackBerry, IBM and Jamf Pro. The migration process can be initiated from a range of different systems, such as Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenMobile, Good, jamf, Sophos, or Soti, plus MaaS360, BlackBerry® UEM, VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, or MobileIron. It even supports switching from an on-premise to a cloud solution.

The EBF Onboarder migrates devices from the source to the target system. This ensures a smooth transition in a very short timescale, with minimal effort for your IT team.

Simple process


Your IT team can use the EBF Onboarder platform to prepare quickly and easily for the migration process and select the devices to be migrated.


The IT team notify the users that the migration process is ready to proceed.


The users can then initiate the process at a time of their choosing via a clear and intuitive interface.


Your IT department can view the migration status at any point during the proceedings.

Advantages of the EBF Onboarder

Relief of the IT

The automated migration requires little support from your IT department.

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Time Savings

The migration succeeds within a short time – even with large quantities of devices.

Cost Savings

You save costs due to low personnel costs, downtimes and risks of errors.


Your IT department always has an overview of the migration status.


Die EBF Onboarder-Family

EBF Onboarder makes migration to MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, BlackBerry® UEM, MaaS360, Jamf Pro and Google Workspace possible.

EBF Onboarder FAQ

Migration is possible from a number of source systems including Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenMobile, Good, Sophos, Soti, jamf, MaaS360, BlackBerry®UEM, VMware Workspace ONE (VMware Airwatch), Microsoft Intune, MobileIron (Cloud and Core). We are continuously expanding the list of systems – based on your requirements.

We enable migration to the leading UEM systems: MobileIron (Cloud and Core), Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE (VMware Airwatch), BlackBerry On-Premise (V12), MaaS360 and jamf. We are continuously expanding the list of target systems – based on your requirements and on market trends.

Yes, EBF Onboarder can migrate devices from one Microsoft Intune tenant to another. But this is only possible with a change of the mail domain, as there can’t be more than one tenant with one domain. Companies have to use the transformation function (migration details) to transform the users’ mail addresses.

Yes, you can use EBF Onboarder to migrate Android Enterprise managed devices (Android for Work). The EBF Onboarder Helper App is required for this purpose which needs to be installed on the device in order to ensure that the container is removed during the migration.

The app can be pushed to the device centrally before starting the migration and will then be available in the managed container. During the migration it will remove the container including all apps and send another migration link to the users’ Googlemail address. The app then also needs to be installed in the unmanaged area via the Public App Store and ensures that the cleanup and migration process is continued when the app is executed.

You can download the app here:

EBF Onboarder will not use Apple DEP or Google Zero-touch authentication in case of a none-wipe migration. If you want to use the full Apple DEP or Google Zero-touch experience, you can use the target option “Managed Enrollment” which initiates a wipe. You can still keep track of the migration status on the dashboard and users can still determine the time of migration, but they will lose their data due to the wipe.

You can also use the EBF Onboarder without resetting to the factory settings. In this case, Apple DEP or Google Zero-touch authentication is not used. The status “Supervised/Supervised” remains and the MDM will have full functionality afterwards – just like a regular Apple DEP or Google Zero-touch device.

Yes, EBF Onboarder can migrate DEP and non-DEP devices without problem.

Please note that with iOS 12.2 non-DEP devices require an additional manual step during migration. Read more about that here:

No, this is not done by EBF Onboarder. This is part of the retiring and registration process on the MDM source server. You must configure the VPP connection prior to the migration process.

If “Managed Enrollment” is used, the device is completely deleted. All other forms of migration with standard processing functions only affect the company data.

No, EBF Onboarder does not get access to any personal data on the device without user consent.

Yes, you can get 20 licenses for free for the trial of EBF Onboarder on any server per company.

The maximum batch size should not exceed 1000 devices due to performance and overview.

The EBF Onboarder platform is a secure shared cloud server. A dedicated tenant can be set up for you in a very short amount of time. The on-premise version can also be provided upon request.

The migration takes only a short time – even with large quantities of devices. The exact duration depends on the number of devices, the number of simultaneously migrated devices, your network capacity, the location of your devices, and the availability and resources of your source MDM server. Once we know your circumstances and requirements, we can give you an accurate estimate.

The migration takes from 3 to 10 minutes. The exact time depends on the number of simultaneously migrated devices, your network capacity, the location of your devices, and the availability and resources of your source MDM server.

Yes, in rare cases it may happen that the migration is not completed (for example when the retiring process takes longer than expected and is cancelled or when the registration is not completed during migration). In such cases, the EBF Onboarder migration can be restarted from the device and will continue where it was paused in order to finish the migration.

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