UEM migration has never been easier for admins and users.

Automated UEM system migration

Successfully switch to a new UEM system in a few easy steps

There is myriad of reasons why migrating to a new UEM system might be necessary. In cases like these, the EBF Onboarder is the perfect companion for IT administrators who are responsible for switching systems. After all, with the EBF Onboarder’s (partially) automated migration, your project is sure to be a success.

How the EBF Onboarder works from an admin’s perspective (video)

What does the EBF Onboarder do?

End device migration

The EBF Onboarder supports the migration of iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices to Microsoft Intune, Workspace ONE UEM, Ivanti EPMM/Neurons, BlackBerry UEM, Jamf and MaaS360 – based on a wide range of source systems. It also offers support for switching from an on-premise to a cloud version. To do this, the migration solution connects to the desired target and source system via an API. This enables admins to start the migration and initiate registration in the new UEM system.

Valuable additional functions

In addition to (partially) automated device migration, the EBF Onboarder’s key advantage lies in the many features that play a vital role in ensuring successful migrations. It optimizes communication with end users and relieves the burden on IT admins. Moreover, the EBF Onboarder keeps disruptions to end user operations to a minimum.

Desktop device migration

Not only mobile devices, but now also Windows and soon macOS devices can be migrated conveniently and securely with the EBF Onboarder. To do this, users must be granted admin rights in order to register a device in the new UEM system. Thanks to the EBF Onboarder, this is done automatically and only for the necessary period of time and the admin rights can only be used for UEM registration.

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Our customers.

More than 1,000 customers are proof of our expertise: From small and medium-sized enterprises to the DAX 30 Group, locally and worldwide, from all sectors.

Migration process with the EBF Onboarder

1. Configure

In the first step, administrators prepare the migration in the EBF Onboarder and select the devices they wish to migrate.

2. Inform

IT department informs end users of the upcoming migration – by email or push notification directly via the EBF Onboarder platform.

3. Initiate

Users start the migration themselves at a time of their choosing with just a few clicks.

4. Monitor

Admins can view comprehensive reports and monitor migration progress at any time.

Features and added value

We understand what it takes to ensure a successful migration. That’s why the EBF Onboarder features the most important functionality needed for a successful UEM migration.

Communication is key: Your communication channel

Engaging end users is critical to the success of your migration. They are responsible for initiating and carrying out the migration on their devices – even if this only requires a few clicks. This is why the EBF Onboarder offers a wide range of options for managing and facilitating communication between IT administrators and end users.
  • Communication templates for every migration step (invitation, reminder, etc.)
  • Pre-scheduling emails for greater flexibility
  • Customization and creative freedom (e.g., incorporating company logos, adjusting the tone of the message)

Everything you need at a glance: Comprehensive reporting options

Administrators have access to a dashboard where they can view the status of all of the devices to be migrated and see at a glance which migration step a device is currently on. The EBF Onboarder thus offers full transparency and makes it easier to detect potential issues. For instance, if problems occur with specific device types, you will be able to identify them early on and take steps to solve the problem in your role as administrator.

Positive experience for end users

Device migration has little to no impact on end users’ daily operations. They can initiate the migration themselves with just a few clicks and choose a migration window that is convenient for them. Intuitive operation and positive communication help eliminate frustration and quickly deliver successful results.

Automation relieves the burden on IT staff

The EBF Onboarder partially automates migration, resulting in far less manual effort. IT admins no longer require physical access to devices. Instead, they can use the tool to manage the migration remotely. This saves time and dramatically reduces migration staff costs. The EBF Onboarder solution is straightforward and intuitive, allowing admins to navigate it quickly.

The tool has already been used to successfully migrate


mobile devices

It can migrate from countless source systems to


different manufacturer systems

Migration projects with at least

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more time spared.

Would you like to try the EBF Onboarder for yourself?

Once you register, you can perform up to 20 test migrations. We’re happy to assist you and show you some of the tool’s most exciting features.

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Yes, you can get 20 free licenses for the trial version of the EBF Onboarder on any server per company.

VMware Workspace ONE (VMware Airwatch), Microsoft Intune, Ivanti EPMM/Neurons (MobileIron Core/Cloud), Cisco Meraki, Citrix XenMobile, Sophos, Jamf Pro/School/Now, IBM MaaS360, BlackBerry®UEM/UEM v12/Cloud, Good for Enterprise, Managed Bulk-Import

We are continuously expanding the list and are also happy to accommodate your requirements. Please contact us about this.

Yes, you can use the EBF Onboarder to migrate devices managed by Android Enterprise (COPE, COBO, COSU, BYOD). For COPE, COBO, and COSU: When you initiate the migration on the device, it will be wiped and restarted in the target UEM system. The target UEM system must be configured with Android Zero-touch and Samsung Knox. For BYOD: During the migration, the secure container with apps and data will be removed. The migration link must be launched in a standard browser of the device outside of the container.

The EBF Onboarder does not utilize Apple DEP, Google Zero-Touch (AZT), or Samsung Knox Enrollment (KME) authentication when the migration does not perform a wipe. If you want to utilize the full DEP, AZT, or KME experience, you can use the ‘Managed Enrollment’ target option, which initiates a wipe migration. You can track the migration status on the dashboard, and the users can determine the timing of the migration, but they will lose their data due to the wipe. You can also use the ‘Enable Wipe Option for Regular Migration’ option.

For Apple DEP, you can use the EBF Onboarder without resetting the devices to factory settings. In this case, the DEP registration is not used. The ‘Supervised’ status is retained, and the UEM system has full functionality afterwards – just like a regular Apple DEP device.

For Android Enterprise-registered devices (COBO, COSU, COPE), a complete wipe is always required.

Yes, the EBF Onboarder can easily migrate both DEP and non-DEP devices. However, we recommend using different migration projects to keep track of the migration. For DEP devices, you need to ensure that the UEM server in your DEP account points to the new UEM system before the devices are migrated.

With ‘Managed Enrollment,’ the device is completely wiped. All other forms of migration with standard processing functions only affect the company data.

No, the EBF Onboarder does not gain access to personal data on the devices without the consent of the users.

The maximum batch size should not exceed 1000 devices for reasons of performance and clarity.

The EBF Onboarder platform is a secure, shared cloud server.

A migration project takes only a short amount of time – even with large numbers of devices. The exact duration depends on the number of devices, the number of devices migrated simultaneously, your network capacity, the location of your devices, as well as the availability and resources of your source UEM server. Once we know your requirements and conditions, we can give you an accurate estimate.

Migrating a single device takes between 3 and 10 minutes. The exact time also depends on the factors mentioned above.

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Product Documentation

View our product documentation for more details along with the latest information on how to use the EBF Onboarder.

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