Digital Workplace

The approach to safe and flexible working with any device
digital workplace webinar

Digital Workplace – how can employees work securely anywhere and with any device?

Whether in the office, at home, in a hotel or at the airport – employees today work in the most diverse locations, with different devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, employees must have easy access to corporate data and applications on all devices to work efficiently. But it must also be efficient to handle for the IT. Administrators want to be able to manage devices and access with a manageable amount of effort – without compromising security. But this is exactly the challenge companies face.

In our free webinar, you’ll learn how to overcome it, and how to improve your company’s attractiveness as an employer, security, productivity and employee satisfaction. We’ll also show you how BlackBerry solutions in particular can help you securely connect to corporate and cloud resources and efficiently access email, calendar, contacts, documents and more. And we’ll take a completely new approach – a virtual work environment that can be deployed on any device and accessed via a browser.

The webinar is only available in German.


  • What is the Digital Workplace?
  • What are the opportunities of the Digital Workplace?
  • What are the challenges of the Digital Workplace?
  • How can the Digital Workplace be implemented?
  • What is the BlackBerry Digital Workplace and how does it work (demo)?
  • Where and how can I use the BlackBerry Digital Workplace?
  • How secure is the Digital Workplace?

Target audience:

  • Decision-makers and administrators who are responsible for managing end devices and their security – regardless of whether they are already BlackBerry customers or want to become BlackBerry customers.
  • HR managers who use freelancers and temporary staff

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