How to optimize MobileIron administration workflows

Are you already using MobileIron, but need to manage large user groups with different company, department, and role affiliations? Thanks to EBF Delegated Admin, this can easily be handled by a number of different administrators.

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MobileIron is suitable for use with multiple clients

By using EBF Delegated Admin, the MobileIron platform is suitable for use with multiple clients. Administration tasks to manage devices can easily be divided between a number of different administrators with different roles and rights, all managed by a higher-level administrator. You can specify what devices individual administrators can view, those they can access, and the specific actions they can carry out. This ensures that managing large user groups is simplicity itself, saving time and money in the process.

EBF Delegated Admin benefits

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The organization and its subdivisions are structured in a dedicated manner.


You can manage large user groups comfortably and transparently.

Relief of the it

By splitting the administration tasks you relieve individual administrators.

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Time Savings

You save time because changes can be implemented quickly.

EBF Delegated Admin functions

  • Ability to create admin accounts with different rights
  • Ability to allow a higher-level administrator to manage accounts
  • Device management: ability to manage assigned devices
  • Content management: ability to manage access to corporate data for assigned devices
  • App management: black and whitelist functions and volume purchasing program for assigned devices
  • Client-based monitoring via a clear dashboard
  • Supports commercially available interfaces: MobileIron APIs, LDAP/Active Directory
  • Supports large MobileIron environments by operating multiple servers

Cloud-based hosting or installation in your computer center

Cloud Solution

If you use the MobileIron cloud solution, EBF Delegated Admin is also hosted in the cloud. You will enjoy a reliable service, excellent availability and stability – without long implementation times and without effort for provision, administration, security, and maintenance of the infrastructure.

On-Premise Solution

If MobileIron is hosted in your computer center, we will ensure that EBF Delegated Admin is installed seamlessly in your systems as well. You will keep full control of your IT landscape.

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