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Energy companies have to cope with digitisation under stringent regulations.

Mobile devices for an efficient information exchange and data flow

The energy industry is experiencing a period of profound transformation. Advancements in the energy revolution have led to more and more plants generating renewable energy and a trend for increasingly decentralized energy production. This makes it hard to forecast future developments and leads to considerable fluctuations. However, security of supply still needs to be guaranteed and energy grids still need a constant load, even if this means getting consumers involved and ensuring smart use of energy resources.

For this to happen, we need a digital infrastructure linking consumers, suppliers, and measurement technology, where information can be transmitted in real time. This allows vast quantities of data to be evaluated and linked by smart solutions – with the emphasis on data security, naturally. The consequences of energy companies falling victim to a cyberattack, and the resulting threat to energy supplies don’t even bear thinking about.

Devices, especially mobile devices, have a key role to play in this process, allowing customers to submit their meter readings via an app, for example. Then again, this can also benefit energy suppliers: their service engineers can receive, process, and record jobs while they’re on the move, and get access to the relevant checklists and any necessary documents in the process. This leads to optimized workflows and increases the company’s overall service quality and efficiency.

Digitalization in the face of strict regulations

There’s no doubt that new technologies can support the energy revolution, but there are also many challenges to overcome. As in the financial sector, the energy industry is subject to very strict regulations and high security and data protection requirements – not least due to the German Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition (Gesetz zur Digitalisierung der Energiewende). After all, misuse of data and cyberattacks can cause untold damage.

This is precisely why it is so important for energy companies to work alongside experts who can help make mobile working a secure and efficient reality. Employees must be able to use their mobile devices to access data in real time and use apps intuitively – with the emphasis on security and a manageable workload for the IT team.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for the energy industry

We have the expertise you need for a secure mobile work environment. We have already helped companies with a whole range of successful projects, and will be only too happy to help your business tackle the energy revolution. We offer one-stop solutions for central management of devices, specialist software for secure internal communications, and maximum security for mobile devices – plus many other solutions and services besides.

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