Customers expect a high standard of service from service companies.

Mobile access to customer data and documentation of meetings - for a better customer service

The digital revolution has led to groundbreaking changes in the service sector and opened up a whole host of new opportunities. Paper-based processes are now fully digital, wiping out the need for vast quantities of paper documents to the benefit of businesses and customers alike. Service providers are able to optimize their workflows, offer new services, make use of innovative communication and sales channels, and develop pioneering new business models, allowing them to save time and money, while increasing transparency and quality. In turn, customers enjoy a greatly improved service – and that is what they now expect.

The ability to work from any kind of device and from any location is an extremely important part of the process. Only if employees are able to access the relevant data and apps from any location can service providers hope to offer the anticipated added value and higher service standards. This means that a lawyer can check documents from a mobile device, a doctor can consult the patient’s records, even when on a house call, or a manual worker can record a repair by digital means.

Service providers must meet stringent data protection requirements

A high level of data protection and security is a non-negotiable part of the digital revolution in the service sector. Players in this field often deal in extremely sensitive content which may represent an attractive target for hackers. The General Data Protection Regulation was introduced precisely to offer effective protection for such data, and customers themselves are equally keen to maximize security. This is in companies’ own interests after all. If sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, this can cause huge damage to a company’s image, to say nothing of the associated financial losses.

Companies in the service sector need expert assistance to manage all their mobile devices securely and guarantee protected mobile access to data.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for service providers

We are a partner of many service companies over the years, assisting law companies like Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft with their digitalization projects. This means we are fully aware of the diverse challenges in your particular sector and we are in a perfect position to provide you with optimum support as you seek to digitize your workflows. Whether you want to introduce a central management system to manage your devices, implement specific file access solutions, or use dedicated security software, we are here for you with a whole range of solutions and services.

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