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EBF Contacts product features

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Caller ID

For incoming calls from professional contacts, EBF Contacts automatically recognizes and displays the names of the callers and their companies on screen, eliminating the need to save them ahead of time.

EBF Sicherheitslinien

Secure protection for sensitive contact data

EBF Contacts securely stores company and customer contacts on smartphones using encryption and in compliance with GDPR. App users can conveniently authenticate themselves using a password, Face ID, or Touch ID.


Displaying contact data

We help you to encrypt access to sensitive data, protect your mobile devices proactively against continual increases in cyber risks and repel attacks effectively – before serious damage is done.

App Management

Searching for contacts

Colleagues can be found by name, company name, e-mail address, or telephone number. For internal contacts, the line manager is also displayed in the contact details – a helpful feature if the desired contact cannot be reached.

More than just a mobile address book

All of your business contacts are always up to date and in one place on your mobile device – with EBF Contacts. But the app is much more than just an address book on iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices that regularly synchronizes with the Global Address List and/or your CRM system. Features like automated caller ID improve availability, productivity, and communication among your employees – offering you a distinct competitive advantage in an era of hybrid and mobile work.

Synchronize Global Address List

Which data sources can be connected?

To utilize EBF Contacts’ functions, the app must synchronize contacts from data sources. Of course, it is also possible to connect multiple data sources.

Hosting in EBF Cloud

Interfaces to common applications

Exchange O365, On-Premise, and the HubSpot CRM system can be connected to EBF Contacts quickly and easily via an API. The data from these sources is automatically synchronized on a regular basis.

User und Device Management

EBF Contacts makes it easy to connect additional sources

Connecting additional data sources, such as Salesforce, Active Directory, or others, is also possible. To do this, data must be exported in CSV or JSON format and compiled into a ZIP archive. To maintain current contact data within the app, it is essential to ensure the information contained in the ZIP archive is always up to date. This process can be automated by using a PowerShell script, for instance.

What EBF Contacts offers

Better accessibility and networking

With EBF Contacts, your employees can carry all their professional contacts in their pocket, accessible at any time. They can also access up-to-date contacts in offline mode and work on their iOS, Android, or iPadOS devices from anywhere. EBF Contacts makes reaching customers and colleagues effortless. Should a contact be unavailable, an alternative contact within the organization can be displayed with just one click.

Reduction/identification of
spam calls

EBF Contacts identifies calls from relevant professional contacts, which makes it easier to quickly detect those that are not. This saves time and ensures your employees no longer have to contend with unwanted spam calls.


EBF Contacts streamlines your employees’ daily tasks by automating address book maintenance in the background – yet another feature that saves valuable time. There’s no need to memorize numbers or question whether an incoming call is from a customer – EBF Contacts identifies and displays the caller’s name and company automatically. Now frustration due to outdated data is also a thing of the past.

Comprehensive product documentation

For detailed technical information on EBF Contacts, refer to our product documentation. It also provides guidance to assist with implementation.


Yes, it is possible to use multiple data sources simultaneously. For example, you can integrate your GAL from O365 or Exchange On-Premise with your customer contacts from HubSpot, along with additional contacts from a ZIP file in CSV or JSON format.

EBF Contacts is compatible with a variety of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) systems. These systems include Ivanti EPMM, Microsoft Intune, Workspace ONE, Jamf, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Yes, EBF Contacts also runs on tablets. On Android tablets, caller ID functionality is available as long as the device supports full telephony.

When EBF Contacts is operated through a UEM system and a work profile is set up on Android, contact data cannot be accessed by other apps provided it is configured properly.

No, logging in with Kerberos is not yet supported.

Yes, contacts saved in EBF Contacts can be reached through the Teams app. You can initiate an audio or video call directly from the EBF Contacts app if Teams is set up within the company.

Yes, the data is stored securely and encrypted on the device, making it available for caller ID even without an Internet connection.

Yes, for O365, it is possible to filter the contact data for specific Active Directory groups.

For caller identification, it is essential to store phone numbers in the international format.

EBF Contacts has been tested with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, enabling caller ID while driving.

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