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Mobil, service-oriented, secure - The ideal combination for Finanz Informatik’s mobile customer solutions

Challenge of the customer

Mobile devices are currently taking on an ever-increasing role as information hubs – and not only for personal use. Such devices are becoming an integral part of standard procedures in the professional world too, enhancing the “digital expertise” of employees in the savings banking sector in the process.

Finanz Informatik, the central service provider for the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Savings Banks Finance Group), has provided a mobile device management tool for use by its customers, savings banks, since 2012. This tool ensures that all the customer’s mobile devices can be managed centrally. In 2016, the next logical step was to select, develop, and launch a more advanced tool from MobileIron. The aim this time round was to go beyond just managing mobile devices, and also provide mobile services to offer employees added value in their day-to-day tasks.

Our solution

The outcome of this process was “my mobile office” (mymo): not just a platform, but a comprehensive service package where mobile end devices are an integral part of the Sparkassen employees’ daily routine. Now they can access data in the FI cloud, look up pages on the intranet, and use an in-house messenger service, as well as displaying multimedia content.

Our approach

FI was keen to set up and roll out the new “my mobile office” platform quickly and efficiently across the board. The logical solution was to turn to EBF to support the FI team along the way – from design and set-up to the rollout of “my mobile office”.

EBF specialists had the necessary expertise to help run the project and roll out the platform in exactly the right way. They were able to work alongside FI to create a fast and tailor-made approach to the project. EBF supported the entire rollout process, as well as supplying the platform.

EBF’s many years of experience and its strengths as an integrator and support service for complex mobility projects were a massive plus point for FI. From the initial conceptual phase of the selected solution, right through to the invaluable support they provided when answering client queries, the EBF team were most definitely the right experts, in the right place for the myriad tasks that cropped up throughout each phase of this project.

In addition to helping formulate infrastructure requirements, and assisting with supply and service processes, EBF also supported Finanz Informatik when it came to developing services for the mymo platform. EBF’s in-depth knowledge of the MobileIron platform led to the development of a dedicated app, geared to the client’s needs, with the aim of making it easier for users to access mymo.

EBF was extremely helpful in a variety of different areas when we were pushing through this project. The support on offer was always face-to-face, and impeccably professional throughout.

Markus Weigel

Department Manager, Mobile Services at Finanz Informatik
Attraktive Mitarbeiterrabatte

Our success

Finanz Informatik successfully launched its new platform on the marketplace in 2017. Rising numbers of mobile end devices and the platform’s increasing adoption within the organization suggest that the services offered by “my mobile office” are a welcome addition to the Sparkassen portfolio. EBF is still helping FI to implement new ideas and incorporate them into the system.

Not only was EBF a huge help with our project, they also put us in touch with their app manufacturers so we could contact them directly to discuss Finanz Informatik’s requirements. This was a real boon when it came to turning our requirements and ideas into a reality.

Oliver Beyer

Divisional Manager, Infrastructure Consulting and Solutions at Finanz Informatik

About Finanz Informatik

Finanz Informatik, based in Frankfurt am Main, is the central IT service provider for the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Savings Banks Finance Group). Its customer base includes 385 savings banks, six federal state banks, DekaBank, eight regional building societies, public insurance companies, and various other companies within the Sparkassen Financial Group and the financial services sector. Finanz Informatik offers its customers an all-inclusive service package. By managing the entire IT service – from developing apps, through operating the infrastructure and computer center, to consulting, training, and support – the IT specialist has been able to help the Sparkassen Financial Group to create a futureproof and secure new version of itself. The numbers speak for themselves: Finanz Informatik is responsible for servicing 119 million bank accounts; its computers and systems handle over 108 billion technical transactions every year.

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