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Thomas Portmann

System Engineer – Group IT, Responsible for MDM Migration Project

In a complex environment – with many different users in diverse locations, speaking different languages – the multilingual EBF Onboarder is a superb solution. Proper preparation can pave the way for a relatively trouble-free MDM migration. If problems do arise, EBF Support is available to provide expert support.

The EBF Onboarder is the simple way to execute an MDM migration. It is a great solution, especially for iOS devices, for which remote support options are very limited.


During the Corona-related home office time, around 1,000 iOS devices were to be migrated to Microsoft Intune worldwide – in a complex environment.

Our contribution

Thanks to EBF Onboarder, we were able to migrate the devices largely automatically – in several phases, with good communication support and with the status always in view.


The migration of around 1,000 iPhones was successfully completed within three months as planned – and a quick switch to Microsoft Intune was made.


Operating on a global scale, the Zehnder Group has experienced significantly increased demand for its products during the pandemic. These provide a healthy, clean and comfortable atmosphere in indoor spaces. In common with many others, the Group employees worked largely from home and were forced to change their working routine overnight. No easy undertaking for IT departments – especially if the licenses for the existing Unified Endpoint Management system are expiring at the same time and a change of system is scheduled.

But that was precisely the challenge faced by the Zehnder Group in 2021. The company wanted to switch from MobileIron to Microsoft Intune and migrate around 1,000 iOS devices. However, a migration can be incredibly complicated – particularly if there is a complex corporate structure, the users are distributed across a range of workplaces in 20 countries and speak different languages. This leads to a high demand for support, but it is difficult to provide this remotely with so many IT resources now required to deal with the necessity of working from home.


Our contribution

The EBF Onboarder was the perfect solution for the challenges of the Zehnder Group. Using the EBF migration tool, it is possible to migrate a large number of devices with a high degree of automation, without creating much work for IT or for users. Users can perform migration in just a few clicks, placing the device under the administration of a new UEM system. This entails a very manageable amount of preparation and the simple steps mean that hardly any support is required during the process.

EBF enabled a smooth UEM switch for the Zehnder Group, thanks to the EBF Onboarder and expertise gained in numerous migration projects:


The EBF experts worked with the Zehnder Group IT team to prepare the migration and planned a multi-phase rollout.


The communication tool for the EBF Onboarder ensured that it was easy to inform employees about the upcoming migration in their own language.


A brief video explained the migration steps, allowing employees to see how the switch was to take place whenever they wanted. Any problems could be solved with TeamViewer.


The Zehnder Group IT team always had an overview of the migrated devices and was able to use reminders to guide the process to a targeted conclusion.


The migration of around 1,000 iPhones was concluded successfully within three months, as scheduled and without a large number of user queries. This meant that the IT department could concentrate on other tasks to enable digital working for employees, and was swiftly able to rely on Microsoft Intune as the new UEM system.

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