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The largest European network of Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts

The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA) is Europe’s largest community of Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts. The network’s members include market leaders in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland: EBF, BLAUD, CWSI, mobco, and Nomasis.

The network was founded in 2015 with the aim of setting up an ongoing technical exchange facility to provide customers with the best possible solutions, test technologies prior to launching on the marketplace, and develop Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility solutions in an international environment. We firmly believe that innovation is only possible via collaboration – and companies, especially international groups, can benefit hugely from such mutual cooperation exercises.

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“We firmly believe that cooperation projects like this are enormously beneficial for our customers, and for us too by correlation. They give us shared tools to tackle the challenges we face in the marketplace, leading to better outcomes than working in isolation. And by working together with our EMEA partners, we are able to respond faster to new trends and changes in the market, helping us to develop innovative solutions, which in turn help our customers to overcome their challenges. We have no doubt that this works: the results are plain to see, time and time again.”

Marco Föllmer & Markus Adolph
EBF Founders and Managing Partners 

“You can’t be a one-stop shop in the Digital Workplace & Enterprise Mobility sector. As a mobility solution provider, you need to be able to set up partnerships and alliances. Then you need to create teams encompassing your customers, suppliers, consultants, hardware and software manufacturers, and telecommunications companies so that you can deliver innovative and effective solutions. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No wonder Europe’s leading Digital Workplace & Enterprise Mobility specialists have joined forces to create the EMEA and provide the most comprehensive mobility packages on offer anywhere in Europe.”

Thierry Lammers

“By working together, all EMEA members can exchange innovative concepts and best practice in an incredibly successful joint operation. It provides us with a vehicle to drive innovation and learn from market trends and developments across Europe. In return, we all benefit from a pan-European presence, which in turn offers our customers significant added value. We can also rely on the constant support of our partners, who just happen to represent the largest group of mobility experts in Europe. Not only does this help us expand our own businesses, leveraging economies of scale as we grow, it also keeps us striving for operational excellence with the emphasis on customer satisfaction.”

Ronan Murphy

“When we initially set up the EMEA, our goal was to share information across national borders and to build on the expertise of each individual partner. The project has been extremely successful in the meantime, especially in terms of the technological developments we’ve witnessed, and we’re constantly sharing information and resources. We also work together on a range of different projects, such as assessing and validating new software for our customers. This in turn provides them with undoubted added value: we can provide faster support, even better quality, and a broader range of expertise. I’m proud to see how well the various EMEA teams work together.“

Ulrik van Schepdael

“Since the foundation of EMEA, there has been a constant exchange of experience between network partners at all levels. As we ourselves do not compete in the various markets, we are able to facilitate a frank and transparent exchange of experience and expertise, and ultimately build on our knowledge of the European enterprise mobility market. This makes us stronger as a company, which in turn means that we can offer our customers effective support in this fast-paced environment, while guaranteeing ever higher quality standards and expertise.

Philipp Klomp

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