Stringent regulations make the digitization of banks and insurance companies more difficult.

Mobile devices for a high availability of information and applications

The digital revolution has opened up a whole range of new opportunities for banks and insurance companies. Internal processes can be optimized, and products and services marketed via new sales channels such as mobile apps. They can also tailor their services more closely to customer requirements, especially as these have changed considerably over recent years. These days, customers are more likely to carry out transactions on the move. They expect high levels of transparency from the companies involved, and service quality and reaction speed are becoming increasingly important. Mobile payments are also slowly but surely gaining a foothold in Germany.

To get to grips with these developments, banks and insurance companies need solutions to allow their own employees to work effectively on the move. In other words, they need access to relevant data when advising customers, plus the ability to use key apps from their mobile devices and carry out administrative tasks even when they’re not in the office.

Banks and insurance companies are subject to stringent data protection requirements

New technologies are the answer to all these concerns but putting them into practice can be challenging. This is particularly tricky in the financial sector, which is subject to strict security and data protection regulations. Not only are customers keen to know that security is tight, but legislation such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Solvency II, Basel III, or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) also imposes stringent requirements. It goes without saying that high security standards are also in the interests of the companies themselves. Cyberattacks can cause huge damage to a company’s reputation, to say nothing of the associated financial losses, and the stakes are even higher where financial companies are concerned.

All of which means that banks and insurance companies need to find solutions that not only offer excellent functionality – by guaranteeing mobile data access for employees, for example – but also meet strict security requirements.

In other words, service providers in the financial sector need the support of Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility technology experts, who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges in this sector and are able to come up with the perfect solution for each individual case.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for the financial sector

We already have experience in working with a wide range of banks and insurance institutions, including companies such as Finanz Informatik and DVAG. We are ideally placed to help your company tackle the digital revolution. We can offer one-stop solutions for central management of devices and specialist software for secure file access, secure communication, or to ensure maximum security of devices – and many other solutions and services besides.

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