Unified Endpoint Management for central management of devices

EBF is an IRON Authorized Partner for MobileIron, one of the leading suppliers of Unified Endpoint Management (formerly Enterprise Mobility Management). The MobileIron UEM offers your IT administrators the ability to manage all devices, apps, and content securely and efficiently via a single platform. This is the basic prerequisite for a digital workplace. Your employees can carry on working no matter where they are, or what time it is – yet still meet strict security and compliance requirements. The UEM includes various components that can be used staggered as required.

Unified Endpoint Management MobileIron
EBF is MobileIron Iron Partner

EBF is an experienced MobileIron partner with the highest partner status

We can help you implement the MobileIron UEM solution and we will be here for you in each and every project phase. Our expertise is at your disposal. We design a concept for your approval, create the right infrastructure, support you throughout the rollout process, and ensure that the solution works seamlessly. As an IRON Authorized Partner, we have an in-depth understanding of the platform and can also design custom-built features to suit your specific needs. For further reassurance, our experience extends over a wide range of implementation projects. In other words, you can reap the benefits of our expertise, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business areas.

Components of MobileIron

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is used to manage and protect desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones from a central location. This is the cornerstone of UEM, and includes the following opportunities to:

  • automatically set up devices in line with company requirements
  • release and selectively delete company data
  • monitor devices: e.g. hardware and software, compliance conformity
  • protect devices by means of security policies, encryption, and certificates

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management allows employees secure access to company data in a range of content repositories and also offers the following functions:

  • ability to display, comment on, store, release and share files
  • encryption of e-mail attachments so that they can be displayed with specified authorized apps
  • introduction of data loss prevention controls to prevent unauthorized transmission of corporate data

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management helps you manage apps from a central location throughout the app lifecycle. You can:

  • prepare, install, protect, update, and uninstall apps
  • manage your own and third-party company apps
  • set up an app store for company apps (enterprise app store)
  • differentiate between professional and private apps
  • monitor the status of apps
  • create black and whitelists for apps

With incapptic Connect, MobileIron also provides a solution which allows enterprise applications to be developed, distributed and secured much faster.

MobileIron Sentry

MobileIron Sentry is an intelligent gateway designed to manage, encrypt, and protect traffic between mobile devices and the back-end system. It can be used to:

  • implement security policies
  • manage access to corporate information
  • encrypt e-mail attachments

MobileIron Monitor

MobileIron Monitor is a comprehensive dashboard solution, ideal for monitoring the status of all critical UEM components and identifying potential performance issues well before they become a problem. Relevant KPIs can be displayed and exported as required.

MobileIron Access1

Secure access thanks to MobileIron Access

MobileIron Access allows you to implement intelligent policies to prevent unauthorized devices, users, or apps accessing your company resources. In secure environments you no longer need to enter user data thanks to seamless single sign-on.

MobileIron Authenticator

MobileIron Authenticator guarantees extremely high security standards for your user accounts. The app ensures that multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) is required for specific platforms, as defined beforehand in the UEM portal. In this process, users will be asked to verify the log-in procedure via their MobileIron-managed mobile device.

MobileIron Authenticator
MobileIron Threat Defense1

Mobile security thanks to MobileIron Threat Defense

MobileIron Threat Defense offers you effective protection against cyberattacks – especially attacks via malware and WiFi access points. With this solution, you can define security policies, allowing you to identify known and unknown mobile threats by using algorithms created via artificial intelligence – even if you don’t have an internet connection.

The choice is yours: cloud-based hosting or installation in your computer center

Cloud Solution

You can use MobileIron as a cloud solution – hosted in a secure computer center, on a private cloud, or on a public cloud. You will enjoy a reliable service, excellent availability, and stability.

On-Premise Solution

Or you could opt for the on-premise alternative, where you keep full control of your IT landscape. We will ensure that your chosen solution is installed seamlessly in your own computer centers in line with your requirements.

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