Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security - integrated IT security without compromise

The performance of your IT can decide on competitive advantages and contribute significantly to the success of your company.

The demands placed on IT services are constantly evolving: Employees expect to be able to access important company data and programs flexibly from anywhere via mobile devices. At the same time, the frequency and professionalism of cybercrime is increasing and companies are increasingly being attacked.

As a result, organizations must extend, rethink, or even build existing protection and security structures without increasing complexity.

Comprehensive preparation for the worst-case scenario

It is advisable to build your IT security strategy on the assumption that a cyber attack on your business is only a matter of time. Deep measures must be developed and prepared not only for prevention, but also for Detection and Mitigation of an attack.

On the way to more IT security

The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security platform offers a wide range of solutions for the Digital Workplace – the workplace of the future. These are intended to provide companies with comprehensive support in ensuring IT security and to implement compliance, data protection and security requirements in the best possible way. The individual components interlock seamlessly, complement each other perfectly and can be selected and combined as required.

The Microsoft Enterprise + Security Suite offers companies numerous solutions from a single source that harmonize IT security and mobile workflows.

The product range of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility
+ Security Suite is divided into four pillars

1. Identity and access management

Various tools enable the realization of a safe, effective cooperation in teams and companies. An upstream authentication of the users as well as the possible restriction of access rights by means of intelligent guidelines ensure a secure use of company data.

Azure Active Directory

Universal platform for managing and securing user identities

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Additional security for your data through reliable authentication methods

Conditional access

Zero trust & access authentication through identities

Windows Hello

Quick login with face recognition & fingerprint reader

Windows Credential Guard

Hardware security & credential protection

2. Information protection

Microsoft Enterprise + Security Suite includes security solutions that enable organizations to create, classify, share and restrict permissions for documents and content in a data-protected manner. Data security is guaranteed by the encryption of files and e-mails throughout the entire process inside and outside the organization. Document activities are logged and can be tracked.

Azure Information Protection

Establishment of standards for the classification of documents and files as well as for authorization assignments

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

Protect and monitor confidential information and files

Windows Information Protection

Prevent accidental data loss on corporate and private devices

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Comprehensive transparency and control over data transfers

Office 365 Cloud App Security

Secure access to cloud services

3. Threat protection

Integrated protection mechanisms protect potential points of attack such as mobile end devices, e-mails and networks against accidental breaches of security precautions and reduce reaction time in the event of an attack through automated processes.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and block potential threats

Microsoft System Center & Configuration Manager

Observation, control and evaluation of applications

Azure Advanced Threat Protection

Protection of user identities and login information including behaviour analysis

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Detect and monitor shadow IT monitoring

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Automated recommendations and optimization suggestions about your protective measures

4. Security Management

You can gain deep insight into the entire IT security of your company within a very short time. The corresponding policies can be set up and managed centrally, and their implementation can be clearly tracked. Microsoft Enterprise + Security also provides the ability to transparently track user activity, identify threats early, and automatically and immediately block critical files. Damaged files can be quickly recovered and operational delays minimized.  

Azure Security Center

Threat Protection & Hybrid Security Management

Office 365 Security Center

Assign roles and permissions to organizational members for monitoring security, privacy, and Compliance

Microsoft Advanced Data Governance

Overview, analysis and compliance monitoring of the collected company data and activities

Microsoft Secure Core

Analysis of your company’s security status and regular evaluation of optimization opportunities

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