Business customers are demanding integrated solutions from telecommunications companies.

Integrated solutions with a high security standard and service level

The telecommunications industry is undergoing huge transformation: with constantly changing market conditions and increasing digitalization on the one hand, and evolving customer requirements, especially from business customers, on the other.

In the world of business, it’s no longer only about landline or cellphone systems and internet access. Businesses are increasingly shifting their communication systems to IP-based services based on instant messenger facilities and WiFi calls. They are making ever greater use of mobile devices to process workflows and are keen to link systems across the board.

And yet, this is only possible

  • if we can guarantee seamless access to data and applications,
  • if powerful networks and cloud systems can ensure fast and reliable data transmission and storage, and
  • if high security standards can be guaranteed throughout. The risk of cyberattacks and the associated risk of significant financial losses for companies are undoubtedly an ever-present and growing threat.

Telecommunications companies must invest in their future

Telecommunications companies are under considerable pressure to invest in their future. They need to invest not only in infrastructure and new technologies, but also in new business models for business customers to help them tackle the digital revolution and offer innovative services and added value.

In other words, telecommunications suppliers need the support of Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts to help them overcome these challenges.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for telecommunications companies

We are the ideal partner to help you address these challenges. We offer solutions to help companies manage their mobile devices efficiently with a view to moving towards a digital workplace. We can also customize these solutions to your specific circumstances. This in turn means that you can offer business customers a full range of solutions to cover all the bases. Benefits for telecommunications companies:
  • Potential for upselling and increased customer loyalty by supplying standardized solutions as the perfect addition to your range, enabling you to offer your customers considerable added value (e.g. EBF Onboarder)
  • Sales support via training sessions
  • We provide the necessary expertise to enable you to introduce and operate these solutions: from expert consultancy services, through a seamless introduction process and reliable hosting and managed services, right up to reliable support
  • We provide individual interfaces to ensure that the solutions integrate perfectly in your system landscape, e.g. for billing purposes
  • A high level of automation and standardization for products and services
  • We can help you adapt your portfolio based on changing market conditions and customer requirements

A strong partnership with Telekom

EBF and Telekom have been strategic partners since 2012, joining forces to offer mobility solutions providing more added value for their business customers.

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