Individual solutions for your business

Specific solutions with added value for your employees and customers

Our portfolio offers the right solution for many kinds of businesses and challenges, but if we haven’t got exactly what you need, you can rest assured we’ll develop it just for you. Thanks to our large team of developers and our industry-wide networking abilities, we can adapt all applications to suit your specific requirements or even design individual, customized solutions tailored to your needs. We take all your customer requirements into account and guarantee compatibility with your systems and devices, impressive ease of use, and a high level of data protection. Our solutions offer considerable added value for your employees and customers.

Our approach

We invite you to attend workshops with us to identify your specific needs. We then work closely with you to find the ideal concept for your requirements. Next, our team of developers works to create a suitable solution, often in tandem with the manufacturer’s team, carrying out extensive tests until they are satisfied with the end result. After successful testing, we prepare for and proceed with the implementation phase. You will usually have different operating models to choose from.

Examples of innovative EBF developments

We have already developed many features for existing platforms, but we have also designed, and are still developing, a number of completely unique solutions too. The starting point for this was either a general market need or concrete customer requirements.

Examples of such solutions:

  • “my mobile office”: A mobile platform with a comprehensive service package was developed for Finanz Informatik. “my mobile office” offers significant added value for employees of the Sparkassen Financial Group, integrating mobile devices into their day-to-day routines. Learn more about “my mobile office” ⟶
  • MobileIron Custom Scripts: At the request of a customer, we developed a feature for the MobileIron platform to monitor traffic between mobile devices and the back-end system and make data easy to process at the same time. Another feature was developed to offer simple importing and duplication of policies.

Benefits of our individual solutions


We develop individual solutions with added value for your employees and customers.


Our solutions convince through intuitive and comfortable usability.


Security and data protection compliance

We fulfill high security and data protection standards (DSGVO).


We ensure a high level of compatibility with your systems.

Want to find out more?

Your contact at EBF

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our customized solutions or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be delighted to advise you and put together a package tailored to your specific needs.