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High security standards for mobile devices and company data

Secure mobile work thanks to mobile security solutions

Security solutions are indispensable for companies today: employees increasingly want and need to work outside the company network, regardless of location, and access sensitive company data with mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, mobile workplaces represent an attractive target for criminals. As a result, the number of cyberattacks on companies is steadily increasing. Hackers are constantly developing new, intelligent methods of attack, and mistakes made by users due to ignorance or lack of awareness can also prove fatal for companies.

Defend against attacks successfully

Attack methods are becoming increasingly professional. We help you proactively secure your mobile devices against attacks, detect attacks more quickly, and take effective countermeasures if the worst comes to the worst.



Detect app-, device-, network- and web-based risks before they cause damage.



Secure accounts and digital identities in time if their login credentials are stolen.



Encrypt connections using a VPN solution, while also ensuring more reliable connections, a user-friendly login, and better cost control.

Secure PIM

Protect and secure professional data using a container and make it accessible via one app – clearly separated from private content.



Effectively stop ransomware attacks – the moment illegitimate encryption begins.

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What security risks do companies face?

Security attacks continue to increase and meet with insufficient security standards in companies. This poses a great risk – already now and also in the future.

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