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Challenge of the customer

Mobile devices are an integral part of the everyday working life of many companies. While the development cycles of manufacturers are getting shorter and shorter, the demands on the management of devices are increasing. Deutsche Rückversicherung AG therefore initially opted for the Enterprise Mobility Management system Good for Enterprise in order to make the management of the devices efficient and secure, and switched to BlackBerry® UEM in 2017 due to the discontinuation of Good for Enterprise.

But the one-time installation of such a system is not enough. For the conception and implementation as well as for the maintenance and further development expertise is essential. This is the only way to guarantee that the UEM is optimally integrated into the infrastructure, that all components of the UEM are optimally used, that smooth operation is ensured, and that the system is constantly optimized. In the case of a system change, it must also be ensured when configuring the new system that all previously available functions and standards are also available in the new system.

Our solution

Deutsche Rückversicherung AG decided to cooperate with EBF on the basis of a recommendation from a market partner and the in-depth expertise in the area of BlackBerry and IBM Domino. EBF’s experts were able to quickly optimize the use of BlackBerry® UEM to better meet the insurer’s needs and relieve the company’s IT while increasing the end-user experience.

Our approach

EBF analyzed the existing BlackBerry® UEM configuration of Deutsche Rückversicherung AG, identified optimization potential, then accompanied the implementation of the changes, and since then has continuously made its expertise available to the insurer.

Analysis of the existing UEM configuration

In the course of the analysis, EBF reviewed the company’s other infrastructure and evaluated the range of functions and the user experience. This showed that the usability was limited, among other things, due to the lack of a Single Sign On option, the app landscape was very confusing, and the administration was very time-consuming for the IT. It was also found that, on the one hand, the functional scope of the new UEM had not yet been fully exploited and, on the other hand, functions were missing – such as “Direct Connect”, for instance – which improves the performance of the BlackBerry container solution.

Optimization and expansion of the UEM configuration

EBF colleagues have set up a Single Sign On option for various components. For example, self-service and the associated console are now more easily accessible, and portals such as IBM Traveler, the intranet and other Domino servers are also accessible via Single Sign On.

During authentication on WiFi, the Simple Certificate Enrollment for the secure distribution of certificates and the Certificate Based Authentication for the identification of users increased security and simplified administration.

The app landscape was also cleaned up and the allocation of apps revised to ensure that all employees see the applications that are relevant to them.

In addition, EBF experts have also optimized/implemented the use of BlackBerry BEMS, a component that enables the exchange of corporate data between different BlackBerry applications, can send push notifications, and enables a connection to file servers such as SharePoint, Box, or Workspaces. A Single Sign On access has also been set up for this purpose.

For functions that cannot be covered by BlackBerry® UEM, EBF has used third-party solutions. These include Acronis Files Advanced – an app for secure mobile access to corporate data that is also available as a “BlackBerry Dynamics” container variant (Dynamics SDK integration) and meets the highest security standards. The GENOA Transformer solution already in use at the customer, which enables the connection of the PIM container solution “BlackBerry Work” to an IBM Traveler infrastructure, was optimized with regard to configuration and functionally extended to ensure better user comfort and higher stability.

Reliable support

Thanks to its many years of expertise, the EBF team provided Deutsche Rückversicherung AG with good advice and considerably relieved the IT department. The EBF experts will continue to be available to Deutsche Rückversicherung AG in an advisory capacity with 2nd and 3rd level support and will solve queries reliably and quickly. Smooth operation is thus guaranteed.

Deutsche Rückversicherung AG and its employees can now work significantly more efficiently and securely on the move thanks to the optimized configuration and extended range of functions – with manageable IT expenditure.

We appreciate the innovative ideas and excellent expertise of the EBF Consultants. The reliable support also convinces with short response times and a high level of commitment. We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership.

Markus Klann

Referent Organization and Service at Deutsche Rückversicherung AG
Deutsche Rück Versicherung

About Deutsche Rückversicherung AG

Deutsche Rückversicherung AG offers reinsurance cover to medium-sized insurance companies in the European insurance market. Thanks to its outstanding long-term creditworthiness and consistent market behaviour, Deutsche Rück is a sought-after address and has established itself as a leading reinsurer in Germany. Customers benefit from a stable ownership structure, solid capitalization at AAA level, a high level of security and efficient decision-making processes. The Deutsche Rück Group achieved a gross premium volume of more than 1.1 billion euros in 2018.

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