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Mobile messaging solution for secure and efficient communication in companies

It is important for companies and public authorities that individual employees or groups are provided with information quickly and easily in real-time and can communicate with each other. Especially in organizations where many employees do not spend the working day at a fixed workplace with a desktop computer. This requires fast, efficient, and secure communication – especially in emergencies or to optimize processes using chatbots.

High demands on professional communication

Mobile devices have become increasingly established in recent years and communication has shifted from e-mail and telephony to online conversations via text and video. However, professional communication places different demands on a communication solution than private communication and requires special functions. It must

  • take into account the strict requirements of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO / GDPR)
  • be intuitive to use
  • offer features such as an alarm function and a document sharing function.

The problems and requirements of an IT department, as well as those of the end users, must be solved and fulfilled. Messaging services, which are frequently used for private matters, cannot meet these high requirements and are unsuitable for professional exchanges.

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Teamwire: the messaging solution for public authorities and companies

The Teamwire messaging solution enables public authorities and companies to communicate internally – securely and efficiently. The focus is on increasing the company’s productivity and maintaining performance in all situations. Thanks to a clear interface, employees work intuitively with Teamwire.

Teamwire consulting, implementation and support

Our experienced IT consultants will advise you on the use of Teamwire in your company and its integration into your unified endpoint management system. We accompany you throughout the entire lifecycle:

  • Implementation of Teamwire in your IT landscape
  • Rollout of the solution and training of your employees
  • Highlighting the potential for optimization when Teamwire is already being used
  • First-class support to relieve your IT and optimize operation

Teamwire operation: You have the choice

Cloud solution (public and private)

We ensure the deployment, management, security and maintenance of Teamwire via EBF's scalable, certified German data center, certified IS0 27001.

On-premise solution

We install Teamwire in your data center and adapt it optimally to your infrastructure. Configuration, administration, security and maintenance are carried out by your IT.

Key features of Teamwire include:

  • Fast messaging:
    Teamwire allows individuals and groups to communicate and share content such as files, photos, videos, and voice messages in real-time from anywhere. Teamwire comes with an integration to leading file share solutions (SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.) Push Notifications inform about new messages – even if Teamwire is not open.
  • Effective group exchange

    Groups can be set up quickly and easily without size restrictions. IT admins can manage these groups through “Group Lists” and “Group Circles” and turn them into an information channel through broadcasting functions: Roles and rights can be defined via the administration portal, the Teamwire Dashboard, so that individual employee groups can only read messages, but not create them themselves.
  • Networking and collaboration – also for external users
    An integrated employee directory displays employee profiles with roles and responsibilities, simplifying networking, and collaboration. External contacts (partners, suppliers, customers) can be securely integrated into group chats via guest account.
DSGVO konformer Messenger

GDPR compliant messenger

Teamwire complies with the basic data protection regulation as well as high security, administration, and compliance requirements. Data, messages, and metadata are transmitted and stored in encrypted form, are kept within the European Union, and are not passed on. User data is made anonymous.

Alarm function for crises

Teamwire has an alarm function that allows you to immediately notify your employees in crises – for example, a server failure, fire, or hacker attack – and coordinate emergency teams. Cost-effective, reliable, and with a wide range.

  • Manual creation of alarm messages or automatic sending of alarm messages via integrated systems
  • Sending to a defined group of recipients
  • Visual and acoustic marking of alarm messages
  • Regular information of the employees about the incident
  • Coordination of intervention teams via the group chat function
  • “Panic Button” for triggering an alarm in tricky situations where seconds can be crucial

Automated communication

Teamwire’s open APIs make it possible to simplify and automate processes and the exchange of information in organizations – for example, by integrating third-party software or a chatbot, for which Teamwire serves as the front-end solution.
Chatbots integrated into Teamwire can be used for internal information requests from employees. For example, employees can use the Teamwire app to send support requests at any time, which can then be answered immediately.

Whatsapp for Business Integration

For external communication purposes, Teamwire provides integration with Whatsapp for Business. This allows customers to communicate with companies securely – via the WhatsApp channel they are familiar with, which would otherwise not be suitable for such communication.
The customer service receives the messages in real-time in the Teamwire app and can respond to them there. The data traffic is encrypted and offers high data security and is GDPR-compliant. Company data does not need to be uploaded to WhatsApp. Metadata is not analyzed.

WhatsApp Integration TeamWire

Simple administration

You can easily manage your users and the app via an administration portal for which multiple clients can be created:

  • Simple user management also via Active Directory and LDAP directory
  • Definition of communication rules
  • Configuration of groups
  • Inspection of usage statistics

Teamwire can be fully integrated into Unified Endpoint Management systems like MobileIron or VMware Workspace ONE.

Teamwire benefits

Want to find out more?

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Get in touch if you’d like to know more about Teamwire or other Digital Workplace solutions. We will be delighted to advise you, put together a package tailored to your specific needs and give you the opportunity to test the solution for a month.

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Cloud-Lösung (Public und Private)

Hierbei kann die Installation bei manchen Lösungen entweder auf einer Instanz erfolgen, die von mehreren Unternehmen verwendet wird (Public Cloud), oder auf einer dedizierten Instanz (Private Cloud).

Vorteile der Public und Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Schnellstmögliche Implementierung und Nutzbarkeit
  • Entlastung Ihrer IT-Abteilung durch die Auslagerung von Tätigkeiten und einen zentralen Ansprechpartner
  • Entlastung der Infrastruktur, da Hardware-Investitionen nicht notwendig sind
  • Höchste Sicherheits- und Datenschutzstandards durch die Nutzung eines deutschen Rechenzentrums, zertifiziert nach ISO 27001
  • Hohe Qualität durch eine hochverfügbare Infrastruktur mit erhöhter Verbindungsstabilität und optimiertem Datendurchsatz sowie durch ausgiebiges Testen neuer Versionen und eine schnelle Problembehandlung

Zusätzliche Vorteile der Private Cloud-Lösungen

  • Exakte Anpassung der Instanz auf die Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens
  • Einfluss auf den Zeitpunkt von Release-Updates


Vorteile einer On-Premise-Lösung

  • Volle Kontrolle für Ihr Unternehmen über das System und die Daten
  • Kundenindividuelle Implementierung

Cloud solution (public and private)

With some solutions, the installation can be carried out either on an instance used by several companies (public cloud) or on a dedicated instance (private cloud).

Benefits of public and private cloud solutions

  • Ultra-quick implementation and usability
  • Relieves your IT team’s workload by outsourcing certain activities and providing a central point of contact
  • Relieves the burden on your infrastructure as there’s no need to invest in new hardware
  • Maximum security and data protection standards because we use a German computer center, ISO 27001 certified
  • High quality standards guaranteed by an infrastructure with optimum availability levels, plus improved connection stability and optimized data throughput. New versions are extensively tested, and fast troubleshooting gives you peace of mind

Additional benefits of private cloud solutions

  • Customized to meet your company’s requirements
  • Possible to control the time updates are released

On-premise solution

Benefits of an on-premise solution

  • Full control for your company over the system and data
  • Customized implementation