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The networking of devices and systems plays an important role in the Industry 4.0

Retrieve and enter information during production and customer contact

Industry 4.0 is an ongoing concern for mechanical engineers and companies in the automotive sector. The aim is to bring physical and digital processes closer and closer together right through the value chain: from the initial product development phase, through sales, right up to delivery.

Mobile devices and the ability to network devices and applications play a hugely important part in this process. After all, employees working on site are just as dependent on information being available in real time as sales teams on the road. This means that a machine operator can immediately see how many spare parts there are left in the warehouse, and customer advisers can access real-time information on lead times and delivery dates as well as looking up a customer’s history. They also both benefit from being able to input and pass on information right away. Service consultants in branch offices or on mobile troubleshooting assignments can enter information about customers or vehicles and submit orders. By the same token, employees on the manufacturing side can enter plant-related information, report machine stoppages, or pass on maintenance information. This information can then be automatically routed to the maintenance team, who will arrange for a repair or service. All of which leads to improved workflows and makes companies more agile.

Real-time data access is a priority

This is only possible if employees are able to access data in real time via their mobile devices, and if apps can still be used on the move – with the emphasis on security and a manageable workload for the IT team.

This requires specialist knowledge from experts in Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility technology, with an in-depth understanding of the challenges in this sector and the ability to come up with the ideal solution for each individual case.

EBF: Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility experts for industrial companies

We can provide the necessary expertise for your Digital Workplace and Enterprise Mobility projects. We have already helped manufacturers such as SGL Carbon, MBTech and Claas with a whole range of successful projects and will be only too happy to support your business on the road to a digital future. From comprehensive solutions for centralized management of devices, to dedicated communication and security software, and many other solutions and services besides – we’ve got your back.

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