Android Enterprise

Consulting around the administration of Android and Windows devices

EBF helps to easily manage Android and Windows devices. Not only do we offer many different UEM systems that make it easy to manage smartphones, tablets and laptops. We also advise our customers on the choice of solutions and operating models available for Android. In addition, we help with the implementation of programs such as Android Zero Touch, which makes it easy to get devices up and running. Thanks to close cooperation, we can anticipate the effects of upcoming releases of operating systems at an early stage and advise our customers with regard to upcoming changes.

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Android Enterprise

In recent years, Google has continuously invested in improving security features and introduced Android Enterprise with Android 5.0. Android Enterprise provides more security by offering extended and improved security features. The Android Enterprise Recommended seal identifies devices that meet certain security standards. It thus serves as an orientation for companies. At the same time, Android Enterprise also allows more freedom for individual customization.

From BYOD over COPE and COBU to COSU

With Android Enterprise, Google provides four different models. It allows IT administrators different management options in their unified endpoint management systems, depending on ownership and use of the devices

Companies can allow both private and company owned devices and thanks to the models, in both cases they can ensure high security of company data, but also a high level of privacy.

We advise companies on the different models and help to implement all scenarios.