Unified Endpoint Management and secure collaboration solutions

EBF is a business partner to IBM, the world’s leading supplier in the Enterprise Cloud sector and one of the leading suppliers of Unified Endpoint Management systems (formerly Enterprise Mobility Management systems) and collaboration solutions. IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ offers IT administrators a central and intelligent management platform to manage devices, apps, and content securely and efficiently, helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals along the way. Collaboration solutions such as IBM Domino and IBM® Connections™ mean that teams can communicate and work together efficiently irrespective of time and place – resulting in major employee productivity gains.

EBF is an experienced IBM partner

We can help you implement the various IBM solutions, supporting you in each and every project phase: from consulting and conception, through implementation and rollout, right up to operation and support. Thanks to our many years of experience as an IBM business partner, working on a huge range of successful IBM projects, we know these systems and solutions inside out. Our expertise is at your disposal. In other words, you can reap the benefits of our specialist knowledge, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson™

The IBM MaaS360 with Watson™ UEM brings together a number of different elements to manage devices, apps, and content and provides rational information, context-related analyses, and benchmarks to help collate findings to ensure optimum use of UEM.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is the cornerstone of UEM and is used to manage laptops, tablets, smartphones, and IoT devices from a central location. Devices can be configured to comply with company requirements, protected, and monitored. If necessary, UEM can even be used to delete corporate data from devices.

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management offers your employees secure access to the full range of corporate data. They can display, comment on, save, release, and share the relevant data – all fully encrypted and secure.

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management helps your IT team to manage apps from a central location throughout the app lifecycle – making it possible to prepare, install, and protect apps, plus add updates and uninstall apps at the appropriate time.

MaaS360 Mobile Metrics

MaaS360 Mobile Metrics can process data with over 12,000 deployments and also supplies cloud-based mobile benchmarking data. This can be used to compare your security settings and user data with those of other companies, highlighting any potential for optimization.

MaaS360 Mobile Security Index

The MaaS360 Mobile Security Index enables UEM administrators to assess the security of all devices in the company, using configuration data from the individual devices and comparing it with similar data from elsewhere.

IBM Domino

IBM Domino is a database management system, a reliable platform for hosting collaboration applications such as IBM Notes and an e-mail and calendar management app. Thanks to open standards and new technologies, developers are able to convert desktop applications neatly into apps, develop new applications, and make it all available via the platform. A powerful server behind the scenes ensures high availability levels and security standards to guarantee reliable data protection.

IBM Connections

IBM® Connections™ is a collaboration platform to help your team and project groups interact. It incorporates functions such as e-mail, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, and collaborative document editing. Employees and teams have access to a personalized workspace and can easily share content with others in wikis, communities, blogs, and forums, as well as searching for information, exchanging the latest innovations, and discussing a variety of topics. Access controls and a rights concept make transparent user management a given. IBM Connections uses analytical technologies to learn from interactions and suggest actions and priorities. The platform can also be customized and integrated into a range of different systems. This facilitates collaborative workflows within companies and increases efficiency in the process. Needless to say, maximum security and data protection are guaranteed. IBM Connections can be extended to include the IBM Connections Engagement Center add-on, opening up extensive communication set-up opportunities. In other words, IBM Connections can be used as a social intranet, promoting collaboration and communication within your company.

The choice is yours: cloud-based hosting or installation in your computer center


Sie haben die Möglichkeit, IBM MaaS360 mit Watson™ als Cloud-Lösung zu nutzen – gehostet im sicheren Rechenzentrum, auf einer eigenen oder einer geteilten Instanz. Sie profitieren von einem zuverlässigen Service sowie einer hohen Verfügbarkeit und Stabilität.

On-Premise Solution

Or you could opt for the on-premise alternative, where you keep full control of your IT landscape. We will ensure that your chosen solution is installed seamlessly in your own computer centers in line with your requirements.

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