How to manage Apple devices

The device landscapes of companies are becoming increasingly heterogeneous. Apple devices such as Mac, iPhone or iPad are also part of this and must therefore be efficiently managed and secured by IT. Apple’s hardware, software and operating systems have some special features that companies must take into account in order to use the devices securely.

Jamf has been specializing in the management of Apple devices in companies since 2012 and with Jamf Pro offers a comprehensive solution for their management. The Apple specialist is a new partner of EBF, which is adding another powerful solution to its Unified Endpoint Management portfolio.

Apple devices in the workplace

When selecting suitable devices and operating systems for work processes, companies can choose from various manufacturers and suppliers. Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as Macs or Apple TVs also play a role for companies – because the technologies bring some advantages, but also challenges.

Apple generally convinces with its reliable and powerful hardware and software as well as its intuitive operation and the resulting lower support requirements. In addition, the devices offer numerous features that make it easier to protect the devices efficiently on the one hand and provide users with a wide range of functionalities on the other. The features can be available at regular, usually short intervals and are available for all Apple devices. Thus, security gaps are quickly closed, and new administration and usage possibilities are created.

Nonetheless, the comparatively expensive acquisition costs of Apple hardware and the high barriers to switching ensure that although companies often equip their employees with iPads and/or iPhones, Macs are currently used less frequently or only for individual departments, such as the graphics department.

But no matter how many Apple devices are used in the company: It is essential to manage all these devices efficiently so that working with them is also secure and user-friendly.

Employees want to be involved in the selection process

Taking employee preferences into account when selecting equipment not only increases the attractiveness of the employer, but also offers companies even more advantages: For example, employees who can use the equipment of their choice tend to be more productive, more motivated, and more collaborative. They feel valued by the employer, which has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and retention.
A study commissioned by Jamf in 2018 shows that Apple is preferred by employees when choosing a smartphone or tablet – regardless of their area of expertise: 75% of respondents would choose an iPhone or iPad and only 25% would choose an alternative device.

New EBF Partner: Jamf

The efficient provision, management and protection of Apple devices – especially macOS devices – can be a challenge for IT admins.

And the integration of Apple technologies into existing IT systems can also be seen as an obstacle – because the Apple ecosystem brings with it special features.  

This is exactly where the EBF’s new partner Jamf comes in. Since 2012, the company has offered innovative solutions for managing Apple devices throughout their lifecycle – from Mac to iPhone and iPad – and is able to perfectly serve the Apple ecosystem and provide optimal support thanks to its proximity to the manufacturer. Updates, for example, are made available on the same day.

We are very pleased to have Jamf as our partner. With Jamf, we can offer our customers a unified endpoint management solution for Apple devices that provides a unique level of device management and supports a high level of service.


founder and managing partner of EBF GmbH

Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro is a Unified Endpoint or Ecosystem Management solution that enables the centralized management and protection of Apple devices, including apps and content, within an enterprise – regardless of the number of devices or employees. The solution comprehensively supports all the integrated functions and interfaces that the iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems offer specifically for device management and improves the end user experience.
The solution offers the following features, among others:

  • Mobile Device Management: comprehensive device management based on policies
  • Deployment: efficient deployment of devices and DEP registration
  • Mobile Application Management: cost-effective ordering and easy distribution of applications
  • Jamf Self Service: An enterprise app store with comprehensive options for users

Get to know Jamf

Would you like to learn more about Jamf Pro and its application in your company? We would be happy to advise you on how you can ensure smooth management of your Apple devices and support you in implementing them in your IT environment.

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